In search of new leagues...

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Seasoned FFL player seeks new leagues.


- Entry fee must be between $10 and $50

- Snake or Auction Draft

- Competitive but not militant

- Leaguesafe

- I can draft whenever 

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I am starting a new dynasty league that I think meets all of your requirements. It uses Fantrax instead of LeagueSafe but the result is the same. Its just easier to keep the money in the same platform where the league is hosted.

Other than that is $50/yr. It starts with 2 auction drafts then we fill the teams with a slow snake. I have played with about half the league before, it is competitive not militant. 


Here is a link to all the detailed rules.

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I am the commissioner of a new league this year. It is a 24 team PPR league with a $50 entry fee. How this is working is we have 2 conferences that will have their own copies of players. Each conference will have their own draft. Here is a portion of the league rules that I feel that you wanted to know.
  • Scoring

    • PPR format

    • Point Break Down

      • Passing

        • TD’s - 4

        • Yards - .04

        • INT - -2

        • 2PT - 2

      • Rushing

        • TD’s - 6

        • Yards - .1

        • 2PT - -2

      • Receiving

        • TD’s - 6

        • Yards - .1

        • Receptions - 1

        • 2PT - 2

      • Misc.

        • Runt Return TD’s - 6

        • Kickoff Return TD’s - 6

        • Fumbles - -2

        • Fumble Recovery TD - 6

  • Rosters

    • Overall Size

      • 22

    • Starting Line Up

      • QB - 1

      • RB - 2

      • WR - 3

      • TE - 1

      • RB/TE - 1

      • RB/WR/TE - 1

    • Bench

      • 13 Slots

    • IR

      • 5 Slots

      • Meant for players with the IR designation only

    • Taxi Squad

      • 15 Slots

      • Meant for players with a rookie contract

Right now there are 11 spots open and the drafts will be email because there are a couple owners in the league that are from London, UK. The drafts are also going to start August 5th at 12pm EST, but if a conference is filled up first then I will adjust the start of the draft to a new day. If you have any questions let me know.
Matt Hudson, The MCU Commissioner

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