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Gleyber Trade Offer!! WHIR

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Hey guys, so I just received this trade offer from a guy in my league that is always trying to trade rape everyone lol


MY: Gleyber Torres & Justin Turner

for HIS: Arenado


Its a 12 team redraft with 25 man rosters and standard 5x5 scoring plus OPS and GIDP as extra cats.

The rest of my offense consists of:

C Suzuki

1B J-Martinez

2B Moncada

3B Suarez

SS Segura

LF Pham

CF Trout

RF Haniger

UT Merrifield

UT Gleyber

BN J-Turner

BN Soto

BN Hoskins


What do you think of this offer? Am I crazy not pulling the trigger for Arenado? Gleyber seems like the real deal and as of right now they actually have the same HR totals for the year but Gleyber has about 73 less ABs. Plus JT is a beast and seems to be picking up close to where he left off. Thoughts? Another factor is I need to make room for A-Reyes when he comes off the DL in just a few days and don't feel great about dropping any of my pitchers I currently own. On the chopping block there would be G-Richards, Price, Clevinger, Cahill but preferably I would like to make a trade rather than drop. I will help in return just let me know!


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Arenado floor numbers remain pretty solid in comparison to a lot of other players...the unknown factor with regard to how bad Gleyber can be or how good Gleyber can be is not to be omitted in this trade.


Your team is much better with Arenado.  

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I would accept the offer for Arenado in a re-draft. 


You have Suarez at 3rd who IMO will be better than Turner overall this year. Plus you have Segura at SS. Gleyber and Turner are solid but Arenando added to your lineup will set it apart and you open up your roster spot for Reyes.



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Arenado for me

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