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Jerzee Hitman

Free Yahoo Salary Cap League Opening (Roster and Info Inside)

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I got a Free Yahoo 20 Team  H2H Dynasty Salary Cap league opening. We incorporate NFL Free agency with our keepers and have spreadsheeets for roster tracking. If interested or want more in depth info send me a direct email at 


League: NFL Salary Cap

Team: Oakland Raiders

Record: 6 - 7- 0

Standing: 13/20th Place

Keep: 25 Players 

Draft Picks: Owns 8th Overall in Each Round

Notes: This is a Salary Cap League. Players are won in the Auction using a easy to understand Salary and Yearly contract breakdown. Teams are allowed to have up to $200 Worth of Salaries at the moment this team has $182.60 in Salaries with $17.40 in Spending.

However if you released AP, Benjamin, Fleener, Daniels, Sheard, Orakpo and Timmons you would create over $60 in Salary Savings. 

Notable Players in the FA Auction are L. Bell, D. Hopkins, D. Freeman, J. McKinnon, A. Jeffery, A. Robinson, L. Fitzgerald, J. Landry, R. Burkhead, D. Lewis, Jimmy G, K. Cousins, C. Thompson, I. Crowell, S. Watkins, T. Cohen, C. Hyde, R. Anderson, T. Burton, N. Agholor, J. Doyle, M. Lee, D. Carr, C. Brate, C. Clay, C. Keenum 

QB (1) - P. Rivers $23, M. Trubisky $1

QB Total - $24

WR (3) - A. Cooper $1, M. Crabtree $7, K. Allen $29, T. Benjamin $5.8

WR Total - $42.8

RB (2) - A. Peterson $22, M. Lynch $33, A. Abdullah $1, J. Richard $1

RB Total - $57

TE (2) - J. Cook $5, C. Fleener $6.3

TE Total - $11.3

W/R/T (3)

K (1) - G. Zuerlin $2.1

K Total - $2.1

DEF (1) - Oakland, Dallas

DEF Total - No Charge

DB (4) - K. Joseph $1.5, G. Conley $1

DB Total - $2.5

DL (3) - K. Mack $13.8, M. Daniels $6.3, M. Edwards $1.3, S. Thomas $1.7

DL Total - $23.1

LB (3)- J. Sheard $7.0, B. Orakpo $7.3, L. Timmons $5.5

LB Total - $19.8

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