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College Fantasy Football League - Year 2 - Replacement owner

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Looking for replacement owner for year 2.  Email me at:


-Year 1 winner received league winnings, trophy Plaque with player cards:(On me)


August 28th 2018 to November 5th, 2018.
There are 10 regular season weeks. All of these will start on Tuesday and end on Monday.


  • Playoffs will begin in this Scoring Period: 11 (Nov 06, 2018) and last for 3 periods (rounds).
  • Playoff matchups entered manually: Yes
  • Number of teams qualifying for playoffs 6
  • 2 Division Winners receive Byes(Tiebreaker 1 Record 2. Head to Head 3. Points scored)
  • 4 wildcard teams get remaining spots( 1. Record 2. Points scored)
  • Reseed each playoff round: No

League Entry Fee $50.00
Total: $700

1st - $450
2nd - $150
3rd - $100

All D1-A college football players are draft eligible. 16 man roster.
Starting Lineup:
1 QB 
2 RB 
2 WR 
1 K 
1 D/St 

8 Bench players

2 Injured Reserve spots (not draftable, can only be used once the season begins)

PASSING: .05 pt per yard; TD = 6 pts; -1 pt per int
RUSHING: .10 pt per yard; TD = 6 pts; -1 pt per fumble
RECEIVING: .10 pt per yard; TD= 6 pts; -1 pt per fumble
KICKING: Extra Point=1 pt; Field Goal= 3 pt
TWO-POINT CONVERSIONS: 2 pt (passing, rushing, or receiving)

TRADING-No trading allowed 

- Free Agency and pickups are done on a first come first served basis.  
- Teams are limited to 10 FA acquisitions for the season.
- After completion of the draft and until 24 hours prior to the first game there are unlimited pickups which do not count against your 10 for the season.
- There is NO trading
- Pickups are permitted in playoffs if you have available FA acquistions left!

1)Starting QB with highest point total

2)Defense with the highest point total

Any player or D/ST that is scheduled to play a NON Div 1 opponent any week will NOT receive stats for the week. This will be considered a bye.

Lineup changes can be made up to the kickoff of a players game. For example - a lineup must be submitted if you have a Thursday night player – the rest of your lineup can be changed except for that player who has already played. Any team that fails to post a lineup and has a thursday player will automatically have that player in their lineup for the week. When a lineup is not submitted, a default lineup is inserted, this lineup is based on the order in which players are drafted. 

A player who is injured may be placed on the IL. There are two IL spots. However once that player has been IL'd he must remain there for 2 weeks (14 days). The injury must be projected to keep that player out of his team's game for at least one week. 
Example, Reggie Bush pulls his hamstring and is doubtful/out for USC’s game against Stanford. Team A places him on the IL on October 1, he is not eligible to return to team A's lineup until October 15th. Upon placing a player on the IL you free up whatever roster slot that player held. You may then add another player to your team's roster to replace the injured player however this does count as one of your 5 seasonal pickups (regardless of when you pick him up).

ALL college players in the universe of Division I will be eligible. All tight ends qualify in the receiver position if selected. Players with multiple positions will be eligible at whatever position they start at for that game. For example Troy Smith may be a WR/QB - but he may only be played as a WR if he starts at WR for that game

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FYI - It was a 14 Team league -


attached is the trophy that was given to the winner in year 1.


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