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Jerzee Hitman

Free Yahoo Salary Cap League Opening

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Have a Free 20 Team Yahoo H2H League with a Opening. VERY Active League where we keep 25 Players. 


We incorporate MLB Free Agency in this League where players entering MLB FA in real time (Harper/Machado) will enter our Auctions during the off-season where each team will have a chance at signing them.


Your team would have the 2nd Highest in Cap Spending this Off-Season and your team has pieces to build for the future. Jon Lucroy and Bud Norris are FA at end of the season so you would have the ability to trade them in season and enter in FA Negotiations with them end of the season.


If interested or want more information send me a direct email at    Don't waste our time with a email saying ill take the team be more detailed about you as a GM and give a little background. Great Year Round league with baseball junkies.




League: MLB Salary Cap

Team: Cleveland Spiders

Record: 44 - 67 - 9

Standing: 15th/20th Place

Keep: 25 

Draft Picks: Traded 2nd Round

Notes: Salary Cap Based League where MLB Free Agents Real time enter Auctions where each team will be able to sign.

C - J. Lucroy

1B - M. Carpenter

2B - D. Dietrich

3B - E. Suarez

SS - J. Camargo

LF - T. Pham

CF - L. Cain

RF - S. Piscotty

UT - D. Fowler (OAK)

BN - D. Fowler (STL), L. Martin, L. Wong, H. Bader, C. Kelly, F. Reyes

DL - Y. Molina

NA - M. Sierra, J. Adell, L. Roberty

SP - L. Weaver, M. Montgomery, B. Colon, B. Norris, M. Wacha

RP - H. Rondon, S. Romo, J. Blevins, T. Glasnow

P - M. Leake, A. Reyes, N. Eovaldi

BN - S. Gonsalves, T. Toussaint, C. Perez

DL - G. Holland, J. Ramirez, R. Delgado, M. Pineda

NA - A. Mejia, E. Fedde, S. Alcantara, D. Hudson, B. Burrows, H. Harvey

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