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Trench Mob

DeAndre Ayton 2018-2019 Season Outlook

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Just now, Tekno Team 2000 said:

One block in the first. That’s now three straight games with a block. And four out of five.


For all the block detectives out there solely focused on his defense.


Make it 2 in the 1st Q!

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And I quickly changed him out of my line up for Harrell because of blowout potential. FML.

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On 11/28/2018 at 6:10 AM, jmoney23 said:


Right now, Tristan Thompson is a turd covered in gold leaf and wrapped up in a $100 bill.  You're excited for the $100 and the gold leaf is shiny, but underneath all of that, you still have a log of s***.  Yeah his numbers look good, but underneath it all, he's a bad player on a terrible team missing their only good player.


It's pretty laughable to think Ayton and TT are even in the same league.


Ayton is currently the #36 player and TT is the #106

I think you guys are right. I'm not thinking enough in terms of 5X5 stats

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Another multiple block game! To go along with his standard double double and 60% from the field.


Four straight games with at least one block!  What a bum though right!



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