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Option to keep up to 3 players or none at all . Standard $200 budget w/14 roster spots. H2H 12 Team 9 cat. 


KAT $79

Gobert $40

Oladipo $28

Tobias $19

Jamal Murray $12

LaVine $11


Dipo’s a lock. The rest not sure...

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Murray is really nice value, but Dipo/KAT give you a base to be elite in stocks and Murray isn't really adding to that (not that he has to). Then I thought why not add Gobert to that mix and lock down stocks, but a big part of KAT and Murray's value is the FT% and Gobert would bring that down. That said, I think you should look at who isn't going to be kept and what teams are going to have massive budgets (assume Boogie, KP owners aren't keeping them). If you get a feel for what will be out there then you can decide who makes the most sense to keep. 


More I think about it the more I would say if you can keep KAT, Gobert, Dipo, and Murray. You would have a base to be elite in boards, blocks, steals, 3's, FG%. I would caution and say you can't really be elite in 3's and FG%, but maybe you can choose which to focus on in the auction. Points, FT% you would be competitive with that base. Assists I would punt. I don't play TO's so you need to determine if you can become elite in that cat. But you should be elite in boards, blocks, steals. Then decide to focus on FG% or 3's. Try to make TO's elite. Seems like a decent path to winning 5 of 9. 

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