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Replacement owners needed, FOR FUN, No $, ESPN points league, H2H 2018/19

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My 2nd year, 8-team, points league, Super Giant Basket League, needs 2-3 mature, intelligent replacement owners for the upcoming 18/19 season.  


I don't wait for the last minute to look for owners.  Procrastination is not my bag.  

So, if you are interested and want to join, let me know now.


League link, settings page: 

home page:


Other details:  light keeper (3), no dynasty crap!

Acquisition Limit for the season, no streaming 

Three year roster limit 


Teams available: 

Long-Lions, 3rd draft pick

Antibes, 4th draft pick


The league has a suggested, not required, theme of naming ones team after a real, pro, team from anywhere in the world.  Use a logo that team has used at one time or another; you will see if you visit the league.   

  email here if interested 👉 

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