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take over owner needed, H2H points, ESPN, free, Aquatic & Bird

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I need one owner to take over the 2nd team that I have managed since the season began in my 8-team baseball league, for this season and beyond. 
The Blue Wahoos have received TLC all season long, but I am ready to let them go.  
The league has a rotating theme every two years and the current theme in its first year is - Aquatic and Bird 
Owners must name their teams after a real or fictional, pro, minor league, foreign, team from the past, what have you from somewhere in the world and use a logo 
that team has used at one time or another; you will see if you visit the league page.  
Settings link:
Some other details:  light keeper (3), no dynasty crap!
Three year roster limit for any one MLB Player
Acquisition Limit for the season (40), no streaming.  Blue Wahoos have currently used 30 of 40 acquisitions.
email here if interested in taking over ?  

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