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New League Recruiting early /// 16 Teams - h2h Category - Dynasty - Fantrax - $100

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I am very excited about the creation of this new venture. This league will be built with 16 teams.. The format of the league is H2H Each Category is a W/L/T. The league you are about to read below is for owners who are strong, patient, mature, highly engaged and sociable.   This league is a " long-haul" marathon. League activity is year-round with full access to league site 365 days /yr.


League Opens operations in October of this year on Fantrax!!



I am seeking owners that are not "league collectors" and just adding this one to their stable of many leagues. I'm also not interested in a "casual fan" nor am I interested in the "set it and forget it" type. I am looking for owners who want to really entrench themselves and become highly involved in being part of a great league for a very long time. Having a great league is two fold: 1) A good setup that is challenging and 2) Owner involvement and dedication. There are lots of other good leagues on this forum to choose from, but I can tell you if you are looking for a long-term fantasy baseball league to get involved with from the very start this league will definitely present that opportunity to you! I assume if you are still reading this long-winded message you are intrigued and interested - so with that I will provide more details below along with the email address to get further league information and the league charter.


Email is:



Please be advised and understand this is not a "first come - first serve" basis to gain ownership. There is a vetting process to this league. I want a strong league and will make the best possible ownership decisions that I feel are "best fits" based on interactions with potential league members.

The team theme of this league will be a nostalgic feel + a modern feel fielding old + current team names such as the Brooklyn Dodgers, New York Giants, St. Louis Browns, Cincinnati Red Stockings, Washington Senators, Philadelphia Athletics, Houston Colt .45's, Montreal Expos, New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox etc etc. Only one city can be represented by team ( exception to New York and Chicago themed teams.).



  • 16 Teams
  • Dynasty
  • Daily Lineups
  • Fantrax
  • $100 buy in + small Fantrax fee$5
  • Fantrax Treasury use for housing of funds
  • 100% payouts ($1,600 in total)
  • 25 player MLB roster + 20 MILB roster 
  • 40 Players (MLB/MILB)
  • h2h each category
  • No Auction - No Salary - No Contracts





The categories scored offer a nice blend of balance between hitting and pitching. The theory behind the selection of categories you see is to maintain a healthy level of balance throughout the 16 teams and also give trading some real interesting thought.


We start 9 batting positions and 9 pitching positions. The theory behind the construction of lineups is to challenge owners on strategy and allow for flexibility. We do not set generic and basic "OF" for this very reason.


Daily Lineup Card


Hitters (9)-- C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, LF, CF, RF, UTL

Pitchers (9) -- P, P, P, P, P, P, P, P, P


7 Bench

20 Minors down in the farm -

(500 AB's career)

(150 IP career)


Unlimited DL



Hitting categories









Pitching categories









(35 IP MIN - each scoring period)



8/16 teams will earn a payout of some amount. Teams are rewarded for the "long-haul" of the season for the hard work put into their season. Payouts are tiered (paid-out) by seed position. Most importantly the league payout system is NOT designed for a " one-time get rich" type of structure. The payout system is in place to have some monetary attachment to it to drive overall owner competitiveness and to keep owners for the long-term with the ability to recover their annual investment on a yearly basis but also win more.


League Champion = $300

Championship game loser ( Runner-up) = $100


#1 seed overall ( Division Champion ) = $400

#2 seed overall (Division Champion) = $300

#3 seed overall ( Division Champion ) =$200

#4 seed overall ( Division Champion ) =$100

#5 thru #8 seed ( Wild Card Teams ) =$50 each



8 teams advance to the post-season playoff format.
4 Division Champions
4 Wild Card births.

Playoff Seeding

Division Champions are top 4 seeds.
Wild Card teams are seeded 5 thru 8

Match ups are reseeded each round, with highest seed playing lowest seed

Playoff Match ups

- Round 1

Seed 1 vs 8
Seed 2 vs 7
Seed 3 vs 6
Seed 4 vs 5

- Round 2

Highest seed vs lowest seed
2nd highest seed vs 2nd lowest seed

Round 3

Championship Round consisting of the final two teams left. ( 2 week showdown )

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Potential owners that express interest, please write a small message with the following info included.


Where you are from.


Fantasy baseball background.

What's most important to you when you seek out a new league opportunity to join.

What characteristics do you bring to the league.


Looking forward to hearing from you!


The league opens in less than 90 days.


Let's hear from you!

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