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Scimitars of Drizzt

Free, Yahoo League Drafting Now Needs Replacement

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The Prestige Franchise Hockey League, a league set to enter it's 5th season this year, is looking for 1 immediate replacement .


We are currently in progress of our annual off-season Prospect & Supplemental Drafts, and one manager has unexpectedly backed out upon the start of the draft. 


Before I provide the roster of the team needing replacement, I'll first list off all the important details of the league:


  • Free League
  • Powered by Yahoo
  • Head-to-head - One-win 
  • 16 teams / 2 divisions
  • 22-man roster. At the end of each season you select a Top 15 to carry into the next year. Your 7 cuts are thrown into FA, where in the off-season a 7 round Supplemental Draft is held to complete each team's roster
  • 25 man maximum owned prospect pool. Prospects are: any skater with 82 games played or less; any goalie with 41 games played or less. Prospects are anybody who meets the criteria of the definition, but you only "own" a prospect if you drafted him in the Prospect Draft, or you traded for him while he was already "owned". Non-owned prospects are treated as normal players.
  • C, C, C, LW, LW, LW, RW, RW, RW, D, D, D, D, D, UTIL, G, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, IR+, IR+, IR+, IR+
  • G, A, PTS, +/-, PIM, PPP, SHP, SOG, HIT, BLK, W, GAA, SV%, SV, SHO


Any other questions you have I can always answer. With the prospect system the league may seem confusing at first, but it really is pretty simple once you understand the basics. 


The one thing I will stress is activity. It is a free league and it's just for fun, but I like to keep things fair and I will replace anybody who isn't setting their lines consistently. Please, please don't express interest in this league if you even suspect that you may disappear when it comes October. Thank you.


Finally, like mentioned in the title we are in progress of our prospect & supplemental drafts. We're just concluding round 1 of the Prospect draft (5 rounds) and once that ends the 7 round Supp. draft will begin. The drafts both run the same: there is always somebody on the clock at all times - from the hours of midnight to 9am the clock does not run. When you are on the clock you have 3 hours to post your selection on our forum before you time-out. With this style drafts usually go on for a couple weeks.


The team needing a replacement did finish 16th of 16 last year, but they really aren't a bad squad. They finished 6th of 16 the year before, and in 4 years they have a total record of 39-34-9, having 3 playoff berths and finishing 3rd place overall once. The manager was a little lazy last year, and didn't make any trades or much effort to better his team. Here is the roster:




Owned Prospects

Charles Hudon (78GP)
Jansen Harkins (0GP)
German Rubtsov (0GP)
Henrik Borgstrom (4GP)
Jordan Kyrou (0GP)
Francis Perron (0GP)
Casey Mittelstadt (6GP)
Kristian Vesalainen (0GP)
Tyler Bertuzzi (55GP)
Kenny Agostino (22GP)
Nick Baptiste (47GP)

Madison Bowey (51GP)
Michael Paliotta (2GP)
Olli Juolevi (0GP)
Luke Green (0GP)
Jacob Larsson (4GP)
Travis Dermott (37GP)
Christian Djoos (63GP)
Urho Vaakanainen (0GP)




Like previously mentioned, you will be filling out the team's roster in the Supplemental Draft. You will also be making 3-4 picks (depending on how quickly you join) in the Prospect Draft.


You can also email me at mifflin093@gmail.com if interested.

Edited by Scimitars of Drizzt

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