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Alright boys and girls this is to hopefully revive our smackdown brand.  I have 7 owners in that league who set their line-up, but really pay little to no attention to whats actually going on in the league.  Well I'm looking to replace as many of them as possible because in all honesty, this league was not set up to just come on, set a line-up and never to be heard from.


We are looking for the best trash talkers and the most interactive WWE/MLB fans there are out there on these boards.

The Raw brand has been stealing the show all year and I truly believe they deserve the same effore from the Smackdown teams as they have been putting forward.


If ur not big on chat, then dont ask for an invite.

If ur not gonna join the chat through Group Me, then dont ask for an invite.

If ur just gonna set a line-up and hide in the back...then dont ask for an invite.

If you wanna talk trash, piss people off and have a great time doing it, then go ahead and ask for an invite, we'd love to have you.








Outside of Lesnar, Vampiro, Psycho Sid, Kurt Angle & Mr. a**...every team is available.


If you'd like to join the chaos...please come to the group me app PRIOR to requesting an invite...if that's too much to ask, dont ask for an invite.


We know what we are looking for, and we know we could make the B show as good as the A show with a few good owners






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I’d love to join @juddmatt12@gmail.com.

I already have the group me app as well 

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If i replace 1 of these 2, can i change the name? Huge wwe fan but dont care for either of those Wrestlers.


I have groupme as well.


Email is cruiser2948@gmail.com

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I’m interested and already have group me. I’ll take ric flair. I would like to see the available teams though to see which one I would like. 


Email me at coendemaranville@gmail.com

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Looking to replace two teams on RAW, if ur interested, shoot me an email


This league is carrying over into football as well...all champs take their titles from baseball to football

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early recruiting for 2019


if ur a wwe fan and chat active, hit us up


also have 3 spots open in football version

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