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Rotoworld Summer H2H Mock Draft

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Understood no harm intended, @Gile Pile. You'd have to be elaborately evil to plot that.


Yeah, @turner46, I think we're the two who have been most hurt so far. But a Jeremy Lamb or someone could emerge as well. Also, Kieff could go back to being almost nothin' once D-Ho returns.

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Round 13:

1. Stifle- Brandon Knight (13.145)
2. Taenggg - Fred Van Vleet (13.146)
3. Hoopking - George Hill (13.147)
4. Hipriest69 - Marcus Smart (13.148)
5. BetterCallHinkie - Collin Sexton (13.149)
6. terribleswedes - Markieff Morris (13.150)
7. young_styler - Jeremy Lamb (13.151)
8. GilePile - Danny Green (13.152)
9. KennyMack - DJ Augustin (13.153)
10. Let'smakewafer - E'Twaun Moore (13.154)
11. BoogieNights - Mo Bamba (13.155)
12. Turner46 - Shroder (13.156)


It looks like Danny Green could have had a great season on my team  :(:angry:

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