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Recruiting for a new 14 team ROTO dynasty fantasy hockey league. I am seeking very strong, patient, mature, engaged owners to join this new start-up league. It's a roto style season-long grind and takes proper skill, care and patience to manage a roto hockey team. I'm not looking for a beginner or casual fan. I want owners who are highly engaged in building and managing a fantasy hockey team year-round. Experienced owners.

Teams are 7 NHL American named teams and 7 NHL Canadian named teams. = 14 teams in total

League info:

Fantrax Treasury
$65.72 ( Fantrax Treasury )
Daily lineups


FO%, SH%, G, A, Pts, +/-, Hits, Blocks, TOI/G
W, Svs, Sv%, GAA, SO



7 reserve
20 prospects

unlimited I.R.

Initial draft is 44 rounds - includes both Pro and Prospect players.

Random order draft.
8 hour limits per pick, with overnight clock stop for sleeping hours.

I have a full google doc. page with all league rule policies. Request more info at my email.


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3 hours ago, Markush316 said:

Hey bud I'm very interested in this league I'm an 8 year vet, of fantasy sports just looking for a new roto league


Great! You can email me or drop your email here and I'll email you!

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hey bud sent you an email the other day having issues it keeps rejecting my emails please contact me

m.brancatella@outlook.com or marcusbbrancatella@gmail.com

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Very interested in your league - but your e mail doesn't work.

You can e mail me at ewyngo@yahoo.com


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