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Free Startup Dynasty Has 4 Spots Remaining

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Hello everyone! 


For anyone looking for a free dynasty startup, I have 4 spots remaining in my new project. The league will be hosted on Yahoo and run through a Proboards forum, as we will not do a standard draft. It will be a full auction dynasty, with players being assigned contracts between 1-5 years and a rookie draft/UFA period/contract extension period every offseason. We will use a h2h points scoring system and 18 man rosters, and we will have 14 teams in the league.


I have been commishing leagues now for over 10 years, and I have been running a baseball league nearly identical to what this will be for 6 years now, so the league will be stable. You will not have to worry about it flaming out after a season or the league having a poor quality of life. I know what I'm doing and this league will be a great league to be a part of. 


For any further questions or to view any further rules, please email me at That is your best shot at reaching me, as my activity on this website is not constant throughout the day.


Thank you! 

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Thank you to everyone who has reached out so far! At the moment we are at capacity, but I will update this thread if any owners decide to back out before we start up. 

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