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Keepers and Draft Suggestion

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Offseason of basically done, I won my league this year as AD/Jokic combo took me to the promised land even with an injured/missing Wall.



Anthony Davis
Nikola Jokic
John Wall
Jrue Holiday
Myles Turner
Julias Randle or Dangello Russell ?

The last one is interesting, I am kinda leaning towards Russel. Look at summer workout below:


I am wondering if Randles season was a one and done for a new contract.


Anyways after the keepers what stats/categories should I focus on in the draft? Thanks!!

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You got a nice squad, which is funny because a guy in my league has AD, Jokic, Wall, and Holiday. AD, Jokic, Wall, and Holiday give you a nice shot blocking team so you could be okay with Randle and his lack of stocks but I would go with Russell. I think Randle is a really good player in real life but his lack of stocks,low FT%, and lack of threes keeps him from being an elite fantasy performer. Russell has had his issues as well with injuries, poor attitude, and low efficiency but he has potential to be a James Harden-lite. The Nets are being relatively patient with him. He has a much higher ceiling than Randle IMO.


In terms of what stats/categories to focus on, what are your league settings?

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Thanks I'm in standard 9 cat, which is a knock against guys like Wall and Russell for TO's. I might be able to live with 1 high TO guy but two it's kinda hard.

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That’s true. So, assuming you’re in a head to head, I like to be at least proficient/elite in 5 categories in my 9-Cat league. Let’s take a look at what your stats will most likely look like with your keepers. 


FG%: elite 

FT% elite

3PM: average

Rebs: elite/close to it

Asts: elite

Stls: elite

Blks: elite

TOs: poor

Pts: elite/close to it


After evaluating those categories, do you feel Randle would be the difference maker in TOs? Keep in mind that Randle committed 2.6 TOs/game on limited minutes and is more likely going to be given more opportunities in New Orleans which may be very similar to Russell’s TOs. It looks like you’re elite for sure in 5 cats and close to it in 2. Do you want to address your average cat of 3PM (but hurting TOs and FG%) or do try to bolster your Rebs (but risk being not as good at Stls and FT%). Ultimately, it’s up to you on which strategy you want to implement, in terms of a sort of “punt” or if you want to give yourself a chance to win any given category. Hope this helps you map out your team! Best of luck this season. 

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Dangelo is much more valuable than randle in terms of fantasy. IRL that’s a different story

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