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2 current teams open, 2 future teams open dynasty

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Hello all,


I currently run a fantasy baseball league that I would like to make changes too. Currently, we have 8 teams. 2 of these teams are open. We have 35 roster spots.


I am also looking at expanding the league next year to 10.


How this would work is that the current 8 teams will choose 15 players to keep/protect. The two new expansion teams would then choose 15 unkept players from the 8 teams (max of 2 players selected per team, essentially 2 players from 7 teams and then 1 player from the last team). This would take place after the baseball season is over. Once all 10 teams have 15 players, we will do a live snake draft to fill out the 35 man roster. From then on, we will keep 25 players.


This is a free dynasty league on ESPN. We currently have 6 good owners. I am looking for 2 more people passionate about baseball to take over the current teams, as well as two people that are interested in taking the expansion teams following the season.


If you have any interest in the current teams or expansion teams, email me at Logan_Bergquist@yahoo.com

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One current team still open.


Notable players:

Evan Gattis

Whit Merrifield

Anthony Rendon

Xander Boegarts

JD Martinez

Eddie Rosario

Shin Soo Choo

Michael Brantley

Justin Turner

David Peralta

AJ Pollack

Ryan Braun

James Paxton

Jose Quitana

Charlie Morton

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Decided to drop the number of keepers for the current teams to 10. The 2 expansion teams will pick 10 unkept players from the other teams (max 2 per team). I am trying to balance out the power in this league.


Ireland National Team & Bats Balls still open. Take a look and let’s me know. Also need 2 people who would like an expansion team after the season.


2 teams are pretty stacked because they have been the two main teams active over the last 8 years. Trying to balance that out after this year.



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Ireland National Team last available current team as well as the two new expansion teams for next year.


Team consists of:

Buster Posey

Eric Hosmer

Dee Gordon

Jean Segura

Javy Baez

Eugenio Suarez

Justin Upton

Adam Jones

Matt Kemp

Brandon Belt

Yadier  Molina 

Corey Kulber

Jon Lester

Jonny Cueto

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