New ROTO league 10 managers, Auction, $60. Keeper league?

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I'm starting a new ROTO league, 9 cat Auction draft with 10 managers. This league will mirror my other in person league. This will be a 3 keeper league (if enough return). $60 entry 1st= $450 2nd=$90, 3rd $60. I play for fun and I don't believe in charging a fee. 

There are certain rules for keepers if we come back for 2nd year. 3 keepers 1st year free and $7 inflation for each 2nd, 3rd year for a total of 3 years kept then back in pool.  My other league had too many issues with fire sales and one sided trades. So this league will have the rule where no traded players can be kept. So basically you can only keep who you draft, or pick up off the wire (if not previously traded then dropped). 

If interested leave your email and as soon as ESPN opens I'll start league.

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I sure will. so far just a few of us. I may open it up to guys from my other league if i cant fill it up online.

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