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NEW 12-Team // Strategy-based Devy League // $40

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Tired of basic leagues?

If you're looking for a challenge, where you need to put a real STRATEGY together to WIN consistently, this is the perfect league for you! 

This league is based on a format that I have played in for over 10 years, with contracts, salary cap, FULL defensive lineup, free agency, and lots of assets to trade and build with. Balanced scoring for offense and defense, so ALL POSITIONS ARE VALUABLE. Player salaries are based on 2017 statistics.




Visit the league setup at:


Rules  Scoring




Some key points to this league:

- PPR Scoring

- 19-player starting lineups with IDP (8 offensive players, 9 defensive players, 2 FLEX (offense OR defense)

- Salaries for all players and contracts (up to 4 years) 

- Free Agency bidding in the offseason for an opportunity to sign an un-contracted player from another team

- Uncontracted player values determined by the previous year's stats

- 32-round Snake Draft to build initial rosters (order determined by randomizer) 

- Taxi Squad (3 players max)

- Top 6 teams make the playoffs (1-5 seeds determined by H2H record, 6 seed determined by points)

- Weekly blind bidding on waiver wire players

- Automatic trade processing



The 32-round snake veteran draft will start once all franchises are filled. 
You'll need to consider player salaries when building your team, as you cannot exceed the salary cap!
Following the initial veteran draft, we'll begin the 5-round rookie draft. Order will be the reverse of the veteran draft order.
(Be sure you don't overspend in the vet draft -- you'll need some cash to pay your rookies!)

All undrafted players will have their salaries set to the league minimum and will be available for blind bidding on the waiver wire.

For this season, we'll be setting the cap at $75K. Any funds remaining can be used for waiver-wire bidding. 


Contracts & Salary Cap:

Once the drafts are complete, you will have the opportunity to assign a contract to (3) players on your roster (up to 4 years):
One offensive player, One defensive player, and one Rookie (offensive or defensive).

Assigning each contract requires a $1K signing bonus, which will be deducted from your team's salary cap.
In future years, you will have the ability to buyout or extend these contracts.


Free Agency:

Each offseason, you will have the opportunity to bid on (1) uncontracted player from another team.

The owner of the player will have the opportunity to either match the offer, or receive a draft pick as compensation.

Each team will also have (1) Franchise Tag and (1) Transition Tag to assign to their own players. 


Rosters & Lineups:
Offense: 1QB (2 max), 2RB (4 max), 2WR (5 max), 1TE (2 max)

Defense: 2DT/DE (4 max), 2LB (6 max), 2DB/S (6 max)
Total Roster Spots: 40  /  Taxi Squad: 3 Players  /  IR: 3 Spots


Since there will likely be a learning curve involved in the first season, the 1st year dues will be just $40 (includes league fee).
All finances will be handled via LeagueSafe. 
We'll have a league vote to possibly increase the dues/payouts for next year.

Payout will be:

League Champ: $220  /  Runner-up: $150  / 3rd: $40


Devy Strategy:

 Each team will choose ONE college from which they will hold the draft rights for that team's players -- both offensive AND defensive (for 2019).
All other players will be added to the annual draft pool, and available for anyone to draft. 


Owner Responsibilities:

 Each team owner should be active, respond to requests, and trade offers in a timely manner.
We'll also use GroupMe app for active discussions, as well as the league chat and message board.
Team names should include your City/Town/State and team name (for easy organization).


Interested or have questions? Reply below or send me a PM --

First team to sign up get's their first choice of NCAA Devy team!

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We have 10 Openings left... Alabama Crimson Tide is off the board! 

Sign up before your NCAA devy team is taken!


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