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Made 2 All In TY trades - Good enough roster to win?

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12 Team 5x5 NL Only, currently in 2nd overall.  4th in BA, 4th in HR, 1st in R, 5th in RBI and 3rd in SB for Hitting Cats, 6th in ERA, 5th in K, 5th in SV, 3rd in W and 5th in WHIP for Pitching.


Traded Tatis (MiLB $15), Jay $6 and Melancon $32 (Salary issue) for Thor $10 (Extendable for $5 per yr), Aguilar $1 and Duvall $1 (unkeepable) and his 3rd.

Traded Nimmo for $2 (keepable) and my 1st (minors) pick for DeGrom $16 (unkeepable) and his 3rd.


Is it enough to push me over the top? Full team in sig...

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It definitely helps your team for this year. If your trying to win it all this year, then I really like it for you.

Help me?


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