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link to fantrax rules page

just a one year league fellas.......for free .

if theres anyone looking for a mid summer slow live draft tuneup but would still take the free league serious enough to play all season hit me up .Gm's that are prepared to slow live draft at a decent pace are preferred/would like to get started soon enough . I'm knee deep in my upcoming dynasty drafts for the next while so this will help me kill some time in between those .

the skinny
7 teams with a Slapshot movie theme , h2h v.s all teams each week so you'd be anywhere from 0-6 to 6-0 or anywhere in between by weeks end .
4 teams make playoff which occur during final 4 wks of season 1 vs 4 , 3 vs 2 , winners advance to finals (each playoff is 2 weeks long , even the semis)

I think the link to the fantrax rule page pretty much outlines the rest but if you have any questions let me know . 

*I would use a draft randomizer tool to set draft order for fairness / emailed results 

who knows , maybe joining this sidebar league is a gateway to getting a spot in one of my dynasty league openings in the future .

available teams 
Charlestown Chiefs--butch
Long Island Ducks
Syracuse Bulldogs
Peterborough Patriots
Lancaster Gears
Hyannisport Presidents
Broom County Blades


send me a pm here or respond to thread , thanks .

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3 spots left ,Hyannisport Presidents,Peterborough Patriots,Lancaster Gears

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I will take the lancaster gears, if they are still avaiable. If not eithier of the other 2 will work. Send the invite to



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I wasnt getting enough interest so I decided to pull the plug on this venture .


unless I'm blind , I dont see an ''edit'' tool to change the first post in the thread 

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