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Potential New League with Alternative Start?

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Hey yall,

big fantasy football fan here, currently run 3 leagues and play in 8 total. I recently broke my leg (long story), anyways, it means I have a ton of free time since I cannot work.

Which means- I'm thinking of starting up a brand new league, for fun, but with some sort of creative start?

I want it to be super active- (I love the idea of having a league groupme)

all settings are negotiable (idp, ppr, roster slots, keepers, scoring, etc) id like that to be decided once we get a few guys joined up.

As for the start of the league, again I am open to anything. One type of league Ive done in the past is where each owner will get 1 NFL team, and 2 keepers from that team. The first team will be first come first serve. To make it fair, I typically use ESPN's rankings, and rank everyones keepers. The team with the worst ranked keepers will get first selection on their second team, and 2 more keepers. Then, I do the rankings one more time and that decides the draft order for the snake....

It works rather well, ive done it 7 times across 3 different sports- and its quite even. (I've had the owner with the very first NFL team pick win only once, and the 8-10th pick has won 3 times) so def oppurtunity all the way across.


Let me know if youd be interested, im willing to put a lot of time in :)

leave email here or email me

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