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The Guillotine league is a fantasy football eliminator league in which the lowest scoring team is eliminated each week. It starts with 17 teams, and one by one teams are removed until there's only two left for the championship in week 16. However there's a twist in the guillotine: all the eliminated team's players are dropped to waivers for the rest of the league to claim.

I want to try this out for myself, so I'm hosting a free league on Yahoo, with the draft scheduled for August 30th, 6 PM PST. Each Tuesday I will manually drop the losing team's players and freeze their roster, and you'll have until Thursday to make waiver bids with a $1000 FAAB budget.

If interested, click the following link to join:


Here's the rules:It’s your basic 17 team eliminator style league where the worst scoring team is eliminated each week. The twist with a Guillotine league is that the eliminated team’s players are dropped and available for the remaining teams via waivers. It is run as a points league. There are no divisions.

All teams are comprised of 14 players (7 starters and 7 bench players), as follows:

1 Quarterback
2 Running Backs
2 Wide Receivers
1 Tight End
1 Flex Player (RB/WR/TE)
7 Bench Spots
No K or DEF

Players in your starting lineup will lock at their scheduled kickoff. That means you can add/remove a player from your starting lineup as long as their game hasn’t started.

There will be no spots for injured reserve. You will need to decide if a player is worth taking up a roster spot.

This is a total points league. There is no league schedule.

Each week the lowest scoring team for that week will be eliminated and that team's players will be dropped. I will be doing this manually at some point each Tuesday.

There are no playoffs. A team is eliminated every week for 15 weeks. Week 16 will be the championship game between the 2 remaining teams.

Trading is not allowed in Guillotine leagues.

The league utilizes a Free Agents Acquisition Budgets (FAAB) Blind-Bidding waivers system. Each owner begins with a $1000 FAAB budget to place blind bids on waived players. To pick up a player who is on waivers, a minimum bid of $0 must be made. The owner with the highest bid will acquire the player, and for the exact dollar amount that was bid. Since this is blind-bidding, other owners will not be able to see your bid amount (and for what player) until waiver claims are processed. All bid amounts must be made in $1 increments.

Blind bidding is not conditional. Simply bid the amount you want on a player along with the player you want dropped (if you have an open roster spot you don’t need to drop a player).

In the event two or more owners bid an equal amount on the same player, the following criteria will be used (in a worst-to-first manner) to break the tie:

Continual Rolling List

Players are continuously on waivers, and waivers process Thursdays and Sundays.

A player may be dropped at any time, regardless of when or how they were acquired.

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