The Bigger League Seeks 1 replacment!

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We are The Bigger League! We are a free 20 team, ESPN Head to Head points fantasy baseball  league.


We are a competitive but friendly bunch. We boasted a full 20 owners participating in the draft, Have had 42 trades this season alone. We have a league constitution that lays out what we look for and how we expect the league to run. We hold owners accountable and there are no dead owners. A 20 team league as active as our is a rarity and is a grind. Almost daily participation is required and the league is not for the casual owner who is playing just to pass the time. Ask any of our current owners and they'll tell you it's the best league they've ever played in because of all of this.


Our constitution can be found here.


Please take some time to read through it. If you're like "woah, that's crazy, that's way too many rules!"  No problem, we're not for everyone. But if you read it and like what you see please read on.


The team you'd be taking over is here.


It's very much a project and needs a lot of work. The last owner was a little too passive. We're understanding of the situation and state of the team and are willing to be patient with an owner as long as the little things are being done. (set trade block, respond to trade offers) A rebuild takes time.


Now that being said. Our deadline just passed yesterday, so trading is closed. Trading blocks are gone. So as far as the little things go, there's not much we're asking from the new owner for now. We're looking at taking in a new owner now with the idea that this time between now and our pre- season can be a learning period. A time for the new owner to learn the league and it's owners a bit. Prep for the draft next year and be ready to hit the ground running after the draft. 


The team is running with 5 draft picks in the first 4 round thanks to one trade the previous owner made, So the team is poised for a good draft and is looking to be drafting near the first over all pick. The consolation bracket will determine that as the season concludes. We also keep 8 players, no more, No less.


So, I realize this was a lot, but if you managed to read this far and are still interested here's what I need.... I need you to either PM me here or preferably Email me over at i8mygoldfish86@gmail.com with the following questions answered. You won't be considered if the questions aren't answered. Those that do answer the questions will at least get a reply.




Location/TIme Zone:


Biggest fantasy baseball successes and failures?


Years playing Fantasy Baseball?


What do you find interesting in our constitution?


What makes you a fit for the league?


What aspect of the team you'd potentially be taking do you see as potential? Players worth keeping?


Best of luck and we're looking forward to welcoming you to our great league!







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Still looking. We understand it's a bad time to take over a bad team, but this is a great chance to get into a very great active league.

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