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CBS 16 Team Dynasty $75 Leaguesafe Team Takeover

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Looking for an active owner. Have a 16 team, full dynasty league run over CBS that has an owner not returning next year. He was kind enough to let me know now so I can start looking for a replacement owner.  The team is one of the more competitive teams in the league. Really solid team as you can see by the roster below, especially in a 16 team league (probably a better roster than my team). Teams consists of both MLB and MiLB players. If interested, please feel free to email me at with title CBS Baseball league opening as I'm guessing your email will go into my junk mail so I can find. I want active owners and of course, always prefer guys wanting to wheel and deal frequently. Will post the team and the league details below. 

C M Zunino, 1B Y Alonso, 2B J Altuve, 3B A Rendon, SS W Difo, MI I Kinsler, CI C Santana, LF Jose Martinez, CF M Haniger, RF R Laureano, OF C Yelich, U T White, IR J Abreu, A Russell, F Cordero, B Nimmo, L Martin, P H Bailey, R Erlin, Y Hirano, J Lopez, P Lopez, A Reed, H Stricklan, J Venters, Bench L Cessa, A DeSclafani, K Gibson, Z Godley, Gio Gonzalez, R Hill, D Hutchison, C Kelly, E Ramirez, J Teheran, IR J Cueto, M Pineda, J Samardzija, A Vizcaino, S Wright. 

MiLB V Brujan, L Renigifo, R Mountcastle, A Dean, B McKinney, S Alcantara, D Cease, K Crick, A Garrett, L Gohara, B Johnson, N Kingham, J Loaisiga, T Pannone, M Strahm, A Suarez & R Yarbrough


Pretty good talent for a 16 team league so I'm certain I'll have no issues finding an active, interested owner. Owner will NOT need to pay for the remainder of the 2018 season however expectations are that they will make arrangements to pay for the upcoming 2019 season to assure league is being taken care of. Trade deadline is already over however once the playoffs are done trades open back up and there is usually a significant amount of action following the end of the season so would be good to get the new owner in ASAP. 


INTRODUCTION; The league will have 16 teams, 4, 4 team divisions. All teams will send the $75 league fees to league safe before the start of each years prospect draft. There will also be $10 league dues per manager to cover the cost of the CBS league site that can be sent via paypal to the commish @ (I do not get any of this money, it goes directly to the league fees). The league will consist of both a active major league roster and also an active minors roster. 30 major leaguers (not including D/L) and 14 minor leagues. 

1. DRAFT: There will be two drafts the initial year. The draft order will be random, and will be done online. The draft order will start 1-16 for the minors draft and will be reverse order for the majors draft (pick #1 in minors draft gets pick #16 in the majors draft, and pick #16 in the minors draft will have the #1 overall pick in the majors draft). Drafts will be slow drafts, the MiLB draft will run over the league message boards and the MLB draft over the CBS Sports Fantasy League App slow draft style, I am open to any ideas that may better the league. 

A INITIAL MINORS DRAFT: First, will be the minors draft. Minors draft is for any player with 250 or less major league at bats or 150 or less major league innings pitched at the time of the draft (January 1, 2016 for this year). A separate google doc's draft spreadsheet will be kept by the commissioner and viewable by the league (if somebody has a better idea, I'm all ears). The minors draft will be 14 rounds and trading is allowed/encouraged. Trading is allowed in all aspects, HOWEVER if during the initial minors draft you have a lopsided trade (trade 2 guys and receive 4 back) you are responsible for making your roster valid upon completion of the MiLB draft. For our initial majors/minors draft ALL PLAYERS that have signed a MLB contract at the time of the draft are eligible to be drafted. ALL PLAYERS that have not been signed by a MLB team are not eligible to be drafted, period. New players added to the player pool that were singed AFTER OUR DRAFT cannot be picked up throughout the year and are only available during the next years prospect draft. Draft order will be determined randomly (will use Rotoworlds draft randomizer that emails all managers the random pick results) Each manager will have UP to (please pick as timely as possible) 10 hours to make their pick. This time frame is only for the hours of 6:00 am and 10:00 pm central. If teams go over the allotted time frame, the next team up to pick may make their selection (like the NFL draft). ** Also, please note that the initial minors draft the first three round IS NOT A SNAKE draft, however the remaining 11 rounds will be a snake draft. 

B. INITIAL MAJORS DRAFT: As stated above, the manager with the #16 pick in the minors draft, will have the #1 overall pick in the majors draft. You are not allowed to draft players that have not signed with major league clubs yet (international players included) by the start of that years MiLB draft which is January 1, 2016 for this year. The draft will be 30 rounds. The MLB draft will be done over the actual CBS Sports Fantasy Site's app. Each manager will have UP to (please pick as timely as possible) 10 hours to make their pick. This time frame is only for the hours of 6:00 am and 10:00 pm central. If teams go over the allotted time frame, the next team up to pick may make their selection (like the NFL draft). 

C YEARLY PROSPECT DRAFT: At the beginning of every new season, we will have a 3 round minors draft for newly drafted players and also newly signed international league players that did not play in the MLB the previous year. Players that have been drafted but not signed are NOT eligible for this draft. International players eligible to be signed, but not signed with a MLB team are NOT eligible for this draft. Minors roster for the 2017 season will expand by 3 players to a total of 17 MiLB players and will remain at 17 MiLB players for subsequent seasons. Draft order is determined by: #1 pick winner of the toilet bowl (playoffs of teams that do not make the playoffs). Picks 2-8 are inverse order of the final standings. Picks 9-16 are inverse order of your final standings in the playoffs. ***Your roster will need to be in compliance with the league settings within 24 hours of completion of each years MiLB draft. The 2018 Draft will begin on the Monday following Superbowl Sunday every year (2/5/18) and will run over the leagues draft application. I am putting a freeze on all adds/drops for players that were only eligible to be drafted in the 2018 MiLB draft (those signed b/t 1/1/17 - 12/31/17) and they cannot be added until Saturday March 3, 2018 at 12:00 (noon) central 

D. DRAFT PICK TRADING: Trading is allowed, in fact, it is encouraged. ALL TRADES OF A CURRENT PICK MUST BE COMPLETED NO LATER THAN TWO HOURS AFTER THE PREVIOUS PICK WAS MADE. If any deals are made/submitted to commish after the two hour period, it will be vetoed. the two hour time frame is only in effect from 6:00 am - 10:00 pm central. 

A. Rosters will consist of 30 major league players (MLB) and up to 14 minor league players (MiLB) (you do not have to keep 14 minor league players but you cannot have more than 14 minor league players. ** the minors roster will expand by 3 players in 2017 for a total of up to 17 minor league players. Your roster will need to be in compliance with the league settings within 24 hours of completion of each years MiLB draft. 

B. Rosters will start the following players: C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, MI, CI, LF, CF, RF, OF, Util, P, P, P, P, P, P, P, P and 10 bench positions. 

C. You must have all active roster positions filled and rosters must be valid at all times, meaning if a player in your minors accrues more than the allowed innings pitched or at bats they must be either called up to your majors squad or dropped. You will get a reminder but if you fail to adjust your roster the commissioner will take action, most likely dropping the player. Being a dynasty keeper league,there is a fairly heavy DL/Injured reserve list having 10 D/L eligible spots so please be as active as you can with this. Any transactions made while players not eligible for the D/L are on D/L positions will be reversed. Rosters may not have anybody listed on the D/L after the end of the season (we will say after the world series ends for deadline purposes). 

D. D/L Positions must be filled by players on the D/L ONLY. Once players are off the D/L you will not be allowed to make any roster changes (adds/drops) UNTIL the player(s) no longer on the D/L are taken out of the D/L positions. If you do make a move without taking said person off the D/L that is no longer D/L eligible your roster will be invalid and CBS will not accrue you points for that day. Commish cannot overturn no accrual of stats on those days so please be diligent in this matter. 

3. SCORING: Head to Head, Individual Categories. 

A. Batting 6 Categories: Batting Average (Avg.), Runs ®, Home Runs (HR), Runs Batted In (RBI), Stolen Bases (SB) & On Base Plus Slugging Percentage (OPS) 

B. Pitchers 6 Categories: Earned Run Average (ERA), Strikeouts (K), Walks plus Hits per Innings Pitched (WHIP), Wins (W), Quality Starts (QS) and Saves plus Holds (SVHD) ** Please note that I will have to make an equation with CBS to add the Saves plus Holds 

A. Trading is encouraged and will be reviewed by the commissioner and/or co-commissioner(s). This will be a fairly active league so I DO NOT EVER EXPECT there to be any form of veto, however to protect the league I will reserve this for review by the commissioner and/or co-commissioner(s). Player acquisitions will be unlimited. Trades that the commissioner is involved in will be reviewed by the co-commissioner(s) for fairness. 
a. Trade Deadline will be the second Friday in August every year. For the 2017 season the trade deadline is August 11, 2017 at 11:59 pm eastern time. 

B. Acquisitions will occur every day. There will be no season acquisition limits however will have a weekly acquisition limit of 7 (for 7 day matchups). You are unable to pick up a player who has not previously been signed by a major league club. International players or newly drafted players. These players will be eligible for the yearly prospects draft. 

C. Players that were not in the CBS player pool at the time of the MLB/MiLB draft however that have been signed by a MLB team prior to the start of the yearly MiLB draft can be picked up once they become available in the CBS player pool. They get placed on automatic CBS waivers and each owner will have the opportunity to add them once they clear waivers. During our draft, players could be added to the CBS player pool by the Commish and that "place holder" will need to remain on your roster to be eligible to pick up that player once CBS adds them to the player pool; However post draft, there will be no "place holder" players added. They will not be available until they become eligible in the CBS player pool. 

D. ** added 8/5/17 - All adds drops need to be each and every owners responsibility. If, for some reason they make an error, they will have 15 minutes from the time the transaction occurs to make a post on the league site advising of the mistake so commish can take appropriate action 

5. TEAMS AND DIVISION: Each League will consist of 8 teams (AL & NL) and each league will have two, four team divisions (East & West or North & South) 


A. Schedule will be random set by the league. 

B. Playoffs will consist of 8 teams. 
a. Division winners are locked in as the #1 & #2 seed in each league (by winning percentage). 
b. Each league will also have two wild card teams that make the playoffs - The wild card criteria is determined by the 2 best teams in each league after the division winners are locked in. 

C. Round 1 of Playoffs, 8 Teams, 4 American League and 4 National League Teams. Division winners are locked in at #1 and #2 seeds in both leagues and the two wild card teams per division will be the #3 and #4 seeds. #1 seed vs #4 seed and #2 seed vs #3 seed. This is for both leagues. 

D. Round 2: the 2 winners in each league play each other - 4 total teams. 

E. Round 3, AL Champion vs NL Champion. 

F. Consolation Playoffs. Along with the Regular Playoffs there will be a Consolation Playoffs. It will consist of the Regular Season’s Seeds #9 through #16. The consolation playoffs will see seeds #9 & #16, #10 & #15, #11 & #14, and #12 & #13 play against each other. The winners will advance in bracket form until the Consolation Playoffs winner is determined. 
a. The winner of the Consolation Playoffs will be given the 1st pick in the following years Prospect Draft, The Prospect/Free Agent draft order will be determined by reverse order the end of the regular season standings for the non-playoff teams (excludes the Consolation Playoff champion who will select first) and the remaining based on the playoff results. 

Therefore the Prospect Draft Order the following year will be: 
1) Consolation Playoff Winner 
2) 16th Best Record 
3) 15th Best Record 
4) 14th Best Record 
5) 13th Best Record 
6) 12th Best Record 
7) 11th Best Record 
8) 10th Best Record 
9) 8th Place Play-off Finisher 
10) 7th Place Play-off Finisher 
11) 6th Place Play-off Finisher 
12) 5th Place Play-off Finisher 
13) 4th Place Play-off Finisher 
14) 3rd Place Play-off Finisher 
15) 2nd Place Play-off Finisher 
16) League Champion 

G. ** We will vote on a new tie breaker for playoff games. The 2016 rules advised that we would use league safe rules, which turned out to be bench points. I will not have that this year as it is overly complicated. A vote will occur prior to the start of the 2017 that will determine playoff tie breakers. 

7. LEAGUE FEES AND PAYOUTS; 16 teams x's $75 = $1200 total pot (CBS charges $150 league fee so on top of the $75 leaguesafe fee, there will be an additional $10 fee that will be sent via paypal to the commish ( ) to cover league dues. 

A. League Champion $500 

B. 2nd Place $250 

C. 3rd Place $50 

D. Division Champ $50 each (4 divisions $200) 

E. Conference Regular Season champion $100 (American League) 

F. Conference Regular Season champion $100 (National League) 

G. Payouts are done via the league safe site once they release funds to be allocated. 

H. All team owners will select a MLB team as their team name and MLB logos will be assigned by the commissioner. 

8. EVERYTHING ELSE: Lastly, if, at any time, a manager becomes so detrimental to the league that the commissioner and co-commissioner(s) deem him to be taking away from the overall league, we reserve the right to delete that manager from the league regardless of whether they have paid for the league that year or not. There will be no refunds if that does happen. 

9. PLACE HOLDER PLAYERS LIST: The following players have a player made by the commissioner with his name as a place holder, it is the owners responsibility to make sure they watch the CBS boards for when the actual player is added to the CBS player pool: 

MN Wander Samuel Franco SS TB 
MN Danny Diaz SS Bos 
MN Joel Israel Garcia OF Cin 
Philly Caden Lemons SP Mil 
MN Julio Rodriguez OF Sea 

** You are responsible for picking that player up once he is available and tracking, etc. It will not be counted as a "transaction" during the season and if the issue arises the commissioner can fix, but please advise if this does happen.

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