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My Alf & Agholor for his Gordon? WHIR

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Would you make this move or am I giving up too much for Gordon?


He had McKinnon so now might be the time. Leave your link.


QB Drew Brees, NO QB  Active  Trade Drop  -- 95.2
RB Alvin Kamara, NO RB  Active  Trade Drop  -- 100.0
RB Christian McCaffrey, Car RB  Active  Trade Drop  -- 99.9
RB/WR Alex Collins, Bal RB  Active  Trade Drop  -- 97.4
WR Tyreek Hill, KC WR  Active  Trade Drop  -- 99.8
WR Emmanuel Sanders, Den WR  Active  Trade Drop  -- 94.6
TE Jimmy Graham, GB TE  Active  Trade Drop  -- 98.4
D/ST Rams D/ST D/ST  Active  Trade Drop  -- 99.3
K Stephen Gostkowski, NE K  Active  Trade Drop  -- 99.5
Bench Julian Edelman, NE WR  SSPD  Bench  Trade Drop  -- 89.8
Bench Nelson Agholor, Phi WR  Bench  Trade Drop  -- 80.7
Bench Trey Burton, Chi TE  Bench  Trade Drop  -- 86.2
Bench Kenneth Dixon, Bal RB  Bench  Trade Drop  -- 5.7
Bench Alfred Morris, SF RBnews_breaking.png  Bench  Trade Drop  -- 62.3
Bench James Conner, Pit RBnews_breaking.png

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3 minutes ago, Csmedia said:

Yes Josh Gordon.


I would hold


honestly, I would shop graham or burton + collins for a rockstar. 


I think it will get tough for you after a couple weeks to keep one of  burton and graham on the bench. Unload one of the tight ends while you can. 

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I think it's a fair trade, however I wouldnt be surprised to see Algo and Gordon put up similar numbers when all is said and done.  Also Gordon may take a few weeks to get back in game shape.  But if you prefer Gordon I think it's a solid lateral move.  Thanks for mine.

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Yes, it’s a steal if he accepts. Get Gordon.

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