Yahoo auto-pick rankings - which rankings do they use?

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So, we had a 12-team Yahoo league, that did a live draft yesterday. The pre-draft rankings in Yahoo are based on league scoring, and so 8 of the top ten were QBs, not RBs as you normally expect. Because I knew that about 9 owners were new or casual players, I knew they would let the system autopick for them, and I'm pretty sure none even made an attempt at customizing their pre-draft rankings.

This had me concerned that QBs were going to fly off the board in rounds one or two, but when the draft started, and the player who had the #1 pick (and wasn't in the live draft) picked Gurley, I was confused as I thought for sure it was going to be Aaron Rodgers. The draft progressed with what seemed to be a normal order of picks with RBs mostly in round 1.


The Yahoo live draft window showed two ranking columns: Rank (which was what you saw in the pre-draft rankings based on league scoring), and another "Expert Ranking "XR" column, which was the typical ranking based on "experts". That's the one it seemed to be using, but not exactly, and I don't know where you could see the "expert rankings" prior to the live draft.


I've been doing this for 10 years, and just noticed this (as I've never seen QBs ranked so high in this league scoring format). Anyway. What ranking system does Yahoo use to pick players (that aren't pre-ranked) for the absent teams in a live draft?



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I sure wish someone could answer your question, because I have the same issue with the fantasy baseball pre-draft rankings. They make no sense, but this list is what it seems like Yahoo will use during the auto-pick draft. There are eight pitchers in the top 20, which is obscene. Perhaps a different list will be used during the actual draft, but it is not clear at all that this is the case, or which list will be used.

The pre-draft rankings are the ones you have to use as a base if you want to create your own "Preferred Players" list, so it's confusing to have to dig through the list to find players that should be near the top, and vice versa.

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Im pretty sure its going by last years rankings right now...


  1. 1. Todd Gurley II
  2. 2. Le'Veon Bell
  3. 3. David Johnson
  4. 4. Ezekiel Elliott
  5. 5. Antonio Brown
  6. 6. Alvin Kamara
  7. 7. Saquon Barkley
  8. 8. DeAndre Hopkins
  9. 9. Melvin Gordon III
  10. 10. Odell Beckham Jr.
  11. 11. Julio Jones
  12. 12. Leonard Fournette
  13. 13. Kareem Hunt
  14. 14. Michael Thomas
  15. 15. Keenan Allen
  16. 16. Davante Adams
  17. 17. A.J. Green
  18. 18. Rob Gronkowski
  19. 19. Mike Evans
  20. 20. Travis Kelce
  21. 21. Tyreek Hill
  22. 22. Christian McCaffrey
  23. 23. Devonta Freeman
  24. 24. Dalvin Cook
  25. 25. Stefon Diggs

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