VAMPIRE LEAGUE! Unique settings, unique league setup - drafts Thursday night 8pm CST on Sleeper, $60

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I recently stumbled across one of the most unique season-long fantasy football league setups I've seen yet called Vampire Fantasy Football. 


This league will run on Sleeper and payment will be through Leaguesafe. Buy-in is $60 and is a 3-year commitment ($20/yr all paid upfront). 

14 teams: 12 are Slayers, 2 are Vampires - full details can be found on the Sleeper League site.


join league on Sleeper:

pay league on LS: 


Must pay ASAP upon joining the league.


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Additional info: 

Basics of a Vampire League: 14 teams, 2 don't get to draft (they're the Vampires)...they fill their rosters after the other 12 draft (these are the Slayers). Vampires can't trade or work the waivers (only hit free agency once Tuesday waivers release). If a Vampire beats a Slayer they get to steal a player from the Slayer's starting lineup. More to it than this but that's the guist.  Currently drafting tomorrow night but could also draft Sunday afternoon/evening...yes, I know games will have started...? - join here and once filled we'll decide on an official draft date/time.

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