3 year Starter Vampire League on Sleeper - $20/yr ($60 due upfront)

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A Vampire League differs from a “normal” fantasy football league in that there are teams, called Vampires, that are severely hindered from the start - they can’t trade or make waiver claims, but have the unique ability that, whenever they win a game, they steal a starting player from the opposing team's roster from that week. Everyone else will have a “regular” team and can participate in normal activities, such as drafting, waivers, trades, etc. These teams will be referred to as Slayers .


Rosters will carry over from year to year like a dynasty league, but the league will end once a Vampire team wins the Championship. For this league specifically, there will be a total of 14 teams,  2 of which will be Vampire teams. There is also a defined time limit for this league which is set at a maximum of 3 years. If a Vampire team does not win within that timeframe, they lose and will get 0 winnings. The potential for winnings for a Vampire is large, but very risky. The benefit of playing as a Slayer is that your odds of winning are increased and the payouts are slightly in your favor. If the Slayers are victorious, they will be rewarded with the Vampire’s Pot and winnings will be given out to the most consistent teams over all three years based on combined wins.

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