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What information or site do you use for NFL-DFS research or metrics?

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Hello all, I was wondering if you could recommend either a free, or low-cost site that may contain some advanced metrics and/or individual matchup data?   I only wager about $15-20 at DK’s each week as a beginner, so I am not looking to spend $10.99/month for a site access.   The type of thing I am missing as a novice is individual match-up information. 


I.E.  Julian Edelman is back week 5 vs. the  Colts, and I think he may have a good week at home, so I may or may not play him.   But, the information I seem to me missing is the individual match-up stuff.  I.E. if the Colts’ slot corner is 30 out of 32 at that position, and he plays awful on the road, I will probably play Edelman.  But if he‘s a 4th ranked slot corner, probably not.  Because I can’t devote time to watching the Colts nor studying them individually during the week, this is the type of information I would like to have at my fingertips so I can make a quick determination.

ESPN offers their premium fantasy tools for for $4.99/month and it looks 1 of their contributors, Mile Clay, has some decent matchup stats and info.  Can anyone recommend the ESPN membership,  or can you recommend a free, low-cost site for this type of analysis?





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Hey i recommend fantasypros to help you choose. Create a fanduel account and deposit 10$ and you get all the premium tools for free. But anyways even if you choose to not do that . Go on youtube and find a LIVE streamer that is probably streaming 2-3 hours before thursday night game or before the sunday night games. either way they are usually really accurate. Amazing how they recommend players lsuch as when duke johnson this past week and also marlon mack when he got that big game couple weeks ago. Not forget to mention picking up kareem hunt and then combining that with kelce and then the rookie NO reciever. crazy but hey if you want a 200+ fantasy week thats the way to go

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