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I have a few openings in my Free Yahoo league going into its 3rd year. It's non-keeper, so everyone is blank with 250 budget for the auction draft. The date/time for which has yet to be determined but sometime between Sept 26 and Oct 1. The scoring system is points-only (not H2H!).. I designed this scoring myself and I like it a lot, because the winner is likely to finish with or in the neighborhood of 10,000 points. And you know you had a good night when you put up 100 points.

13 teams, continuous waivers, 90-game limit per starting roster spot
3 C, 3 LW, 3 RW, 1 F ... 4 D, 1 G ... 4 bench, 2 IR, 1 IR+
Screenshot of scoring for easy viewing: https://imgur.com/a/efmk0P5

Goal 8 pts, Assist 5.5 pts

+/- 0.5 pt, SOG 0.5 pt, BLK 1.2 pts, Hit 0.3 pt, PIM negative 0.5 pt, PPP negative 0.5 pt

Short-handed goal 16 pts, SH Assist 9.5 pts

Goalies: Win 8 pts, GA negative 2.5 pts, Save +0.5 pt, Shutout +7 pts. 

FAQ on the scoring- I wrote this section for reddit originally because for the most part, they seem to be close-minded on anything besides the point scoring they've used for the past 50 years, and I always get asked the same 2-3 questions each year on the reasoning for why the scoring values are what they are. Probably not similar mindset here, but might as well include since I already wrote it:

1. Why are Short handed points worth so much?

Though impossible to predict with any accuracy when and where a shortie might occur, Short-handed points are the realized rewards for Penalty Killers, who often get no or negligible recognition in terms of fantasy in most scoring systems. .. To many fantasy players, they see the huge point total for SHG/SHA in this league's scoring system and instantly become disinterested thinking that anyone who gets lucky in the short-handed department is going to win the league. However, this is not at all the case. Considering last year's results: The winner last year had 1.1% of his points come from SH points. 2nd place had 1.9% of his points come from SH points. I came in 3rd, finishing with the most SH points, which accounted for 2.5% of my total points. Out of 9,000 or 10,000 points each team is picking up about 100-200 points shorthanded. Therefore Shorthanded luck is not at all necessary for success in the league.

Similarly, blocks are a valuable peripheral for the intent of rewarding defensive effort.

2. Why are PPPs negative?

Even-strength points are harder to come by in terms of the probability of scoring in any given 2 minutes of even strength play as compared to 2 minutes of PP time. The way I like to about this aspect my league's scoring it is if you add in the peripherals, every even-strength goal is 9 points (including the + and SOG) as compared to PPG which is 8 (including SOG). Meaning it's a 12.5% premium to score at even strength. Or you cay say 9 PPGs = 8 EVGs. Considering PP unit guys also score EV, the slight penalty for PPP does not affect strategization. It effectively serves as a potential tie-breaking factor by the end of the season if there is a tight razor-thin race (which we have yet to have). If you are unfamiliar with but interested in playing in an auction league, I would be glad to walk you through the process/strategy. 

Feel free to ask about any league setting if you are unclear. No need to be an expert, but if you join I would just ask you try to be active. Comment or PM and I'll send you an invite link. Thanks for reading.

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