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16 team h2h 4 keeper Season 10 needs 4 replacements

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link to the league -


Live snake draft date/time will be the evening of either October 12th, 13th, or 14th (league majority will decide).


If you would like to take over ownership of one of these teams listed below then PM me or reply to this message with your email address and which team you would like.


thank you!


Rules & Teams needing owners are listed below


Showtime Lakers - (will start with 2nd Pick in the draft) - possible keepers - Lonzo Ball, Kawhi Leonard, D'Angelo Russell, Marc Gasol


Savannah Bananas - (5th Pick) - possible keepers - Ben Simmons, Kevin Love, Khris Middleton, Bradley Beal


Knockturn Alley Ballers - (8th Pick) - possible keepers - Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan, Ricky Rubio or Brandon Ingram


Long Island Rough Riders (10th Pick) - possible keepers - James Harden, Karl Anthony Towns, Goran Dragic, Tobias Harris or Andrew Wiggins



This is a 16 team, head to head each category 4 keeper league in which 8 teams make our playoffs. The playoff rounds will be 1 week matchups. You are REQUIRED to keep 4 players from your team from the previous season. Our Live Snake Draft order and waiver order are determined each year by how each team finished last year in the playoffs. Those teams that do not make the winner's bracket playoffs will be drafting according to their regular season record (worst record to best record will pick 1-8) so they do not have to participate in the consolation ladder or loser's bracket playoffs if they do not wish to do so. Those who do make the playoffs will then be ordered in next years draft from worst winner's bracket playoff matchup record to best playoff matchup record then picking 9-16. I.E. - If your team had the worst record last year, you will have the 1st pick in the next draft. If you win the title, you will start with pick 16 in the draft.

Waiver order will be the same as the draft order to begin next season.

I will be very frequently checking each owner & their team to make sure they are active. If you become inactive at anytime you could be replaced with a new owner.

New Rule - If you begin a (tanking pattern) where you have players starting on your bench and/or forget to set your lineup more than 10 times in a complete season, then you will automatically be moved to the end of the draft order for our next draft.

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your invite has been sent however, another person also wants long island so I sent you both invites. the first to accept will get the team. thank you!

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