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ESPN . Free . 16 Team H2H Points . 11th Season . Looking for 2 Replacement Owners

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I run two (identical) 16 team H2H Points Leagues in ESPN .. After building the first one for people online, I decided to build the 2nd one (later in the same 2008 off-season for personal friends trying to get them to get rid of a 4x4 NL Only Roto league I was in with them - they're old school - league started when you had to keep stats from box scores in the newspaper everyday - so, no luck getting them to change, so kept the league and built another one for online players) .. 


Tidbits about the league/s:  Salary Cap / Keeper System (each owner has 15 years worth of MYC = multi-year contracts to distribute each season - the signed players remain in the round they were drafted throughout the duration of their contract - 4 year contract is maximum, even though we allow one player signed to MYC who just completed their contract to be signed to a 1 or 2 year extension .. Players real life salary from the previous season is what we use, according to cots -salary only, no signing bonuses/incentives/etc are factored into their salary .. 


We have a very rewarding MiLB system -as these players tend to be highly valuable as they are placed in our latter rounds of the draft once they're required to be promoted to our MLB roster - highest % of players signed to 4 year MYC come from this group of players since they're cheap and latter round .. 


Slow, snake draft held on Proboards during the offseason - we fill the draft board with MYC's and MiLB promotees and fill out our rosters via snake draft ...


There are a few other interesting traits of the leagues, but these are what I consider the highlights (fun contests to win additional spending cap $$ - i.e. currently prediction outcomes - winners/# games/MVP for each playoff series in MLB - predicting MLB Award winners / + lots of other fun ways to benefit and stay active  .. we've built a very solid base of reliable, competitive owners .. This past season we had 5 teams battling it out for the final 2 playoff spots (8 teams make playoffs) in the final week of our regular season .. 


Leagues are entering our 11th season ... one league has all 16 owners returning for next season, while the other needs 2 new replacement owners - one owner leaving is an inaugural owner and the other joined last year, was active until June or July, then basically went awol .. The following lists are the players who are already signed to MYC for each of the available teams (Player's Name / # of Remaining Yrs signed / Round Drafted):


 Hot Dogz

 .... Trevor Bauer (3 yrs as 3rd Rounder)

..... Scott Schebler (3 yrs as 14th Rounder) 

..... Jose Peraza (2 yrs as 9th Rounder)

..... Dinolson Lamet (2 yrs as 12th Rounder)

..... Rich Hill (1 year as 11th Rounder)

..... Adam Conley (1 year as 16th Rounder)

..... Lance McCullers (1 year as 19th Rounder)

New Owner will still be able to give out 4 more years of MYC control to eligible remaining players on current roster (Jose Ramirez 1st Rd, Freddie Freeman 2nd Rd, Khris Davis 4th Rd, Marwin Gonzalez 6th Rd, are some of the better options I would recommend = either Jose Ramirez for all 4 or break 'em up and sign 2 of the above mentioned players for 2 years each - pretty sure Ramirez would be one of those, Freeman is pretty expensive but will still be taken in top 2 rounds, as I'm sure Davis would go high in our upcoming draft too)

Players who will promote from MiLB Roster:  Gleybar Torres + Corbin Burnes 

 still has an okay MiLB roster, but can definitely stand to be strengthened 


Harry Doyle:

 .... Rafael Devers (3 yrs as 22nd Rd)

.... Scott Kingery (3 yrs as 24th Rd)

.... Jason Kipnis (1 yr as 3rd Rd)

.... Robbie Ray (1 yr as 13th Rd)

.... Archie Bradley (1 yr as 21st Rd)

New Owner will have opportunity to give out 4 more years worth of MYC control to eligible players remaining on current roster

Ryan McMahon is the only player from MiLB who MUST be promoted

Current MiLB Roster is LOADED with talent (Forest Whitley, Taylor Trammel, Keibert Ruiz, Dane Dunning, Joey Wentz, Austin Meadows, Alex Verdugo, Victor Robles, Brendan Rodgers, Alec Hansen)


 If you, or anyone else, are/is interested in either of these teams, feel free to respond below or contact me via email:   Our offseason activities will be beginning shortly, so we would love to locate our two new owners ASAP



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