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Trading for Brees/Ingram...WHIR

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16 team PPR.  Start 1 QB/2 RB/2 WR + flex. Looking for QB and RB since I'm thin at both.  It's a keeper league so wire is barren. If keeper confuses things just consider if trade were in redraft.  Team competitive so looking to make run this year for title.


Offer 1:  give Lockett for Brees and Hyde

Offer 2:  give Keenan for Brees and Ingram


Ingram can be kept in 11th and Hyde in 4th.  Offer 2 feels like slight overpay but have concerns Hyde keeps job ROS and Ingram better keeper value.  Ingram just better talent and offense working for him.


QB: Eli, Jimmy G (IR)

RB: Mixon, Montgomery, Ito Smith, Barber, K.Dixon

WR: Hopkins, Keenan, Tyreek, John Brown, Lockett, Crowder


Which offer?  WHIR

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If you could get Brees AND Hyde for just Lockett, that's highway robbery.   


This shouldn't even be a question if a team is dumb enough to accept that. 

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