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New 16 Team H2H Dynasty League!

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Hello Hello!


Though the 2018 season is winding down, we all know there's no offseason for Fantasy!

That's why I want to start a new 16 team, H2H dynasty league, a deep league that will make finding those diamonds in the rough and 

drafting the right prospects all the more valuable! Looking for competitive owners who want to have fun, build and run awesome

teams, and create a long lasting league! As of now, it'd be an ESPN league. 


Ideally, we'll have 4 divisions of 4 teams, but anywhere from 12-16 is enough as the rosters will be pretty extensive. More details below on categories

and positions. 



ERA, WHIP, W, QS, SV+HLD, K, K/9, 

Innings Minimum: 40


13 Hitters (C, 1b, 2b, 3b, SS, IF, 5OF, 2 UT)

12 Pitchers (Any SP/RP mix of your choosing)

10 Bench Spots (Hitters & SP/RP mix)

= 35 Player Active Roster


20 Player Minor League Roster (This is will include the ability to option players down up until rookie status 130 PA/50IP expires)


The Off-Season would kick off with a Prospect Draft some time this fall/winter, followed by drafting teams as we get into the Spring. 

Please respond below if interested. 


Come join the league and start a building a dynasty! 



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Hey guys! Which are people more interested in, free or $$? I've played in both and honestly hadn't thought about it. So I'd love to hear everyone's opinion. 

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Had another potential GM reach out and suggest a $$ league, so maybe we go that route. 


So far we have the following MLB Teams reserving a spot:


Atlanta Braves

Oakland A's

Tampa Bay Rays

San Diego Padres

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