$100 Auction h2h 16 teams Standard 8 cats Daily - Promotion / Relegation League!

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You would be joining a unique league with promotion/relegation rules. This is the 2nd division called Noobs Division with a $100 entry fee, the top division is called Champs and drafted this past Sunday (entry fee of $200). At the end of the year, the top 4 teams will get their place into Champs for next year!


Basic Settings:

1) 16 Team League.

2) H2h with 8 Standard Cats

3) No keepers, AUCTION DRAFT. $200 Auction budget.

4) 14 roster spots (4 bench) and 1 IR

5) 7 teams make Playoffs

6) 2 FA pickups per matchup during regular season and only 1 allowed in Playoffs



Champs vs Noobs consists of the following divisions:

  1. Champs Division - $200 Entry fee (FULL)

Noobs Division - $100 Entry fee (THIS LEAGUE!)


PM me or email me to for more details. We will probably draft until next weekend or as soon as league fills. This league will run on either ESPN or Fantrax, please state your preference as we will run on what the majority wants. I would definitely recommend Fantrax, since it has surpassed ESPN by far.


Looking for 16 teams, post email and state your site preference.

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1 hour ago, ROTOGUY said:

I’m interested

my preference would be fantrax but ok either way 

Send you invite, currently setup in Fantrax, hopefully all agree on it as it has definitely surpassed ESPN now.

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I just sent invites to interested people, down to 2 spots and then whatever replacements needed for those that don't pay, so if you want in and willing to pay right away, you get the spot.

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12 hours ago, BrandonC said:

can i get in this one, despite being in the other?


Hey, I rather get new people since this will server as a "feeder" and promotion to the other league but I could let you in if you want to. Let me know.

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