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Offered Kamara for my Juju/Mack

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I'm in a 1pt PPR league. Guy in my league is a hardcore Steelers fan, so he's been trying to get Juju all season, but finally offered me Kamara, which is the only guy I care about on his team, at least for Juju. We start 3 WRs in my league, so my trio of Hopkins, Thomas, and Juju is pretty nice, but my RBs are crap. Top 2 are Mack and Kerryon. I feel like Kamara is going to outscore Juju and have more/bigger blow up games, and Mack can get hurt any time, so it's worth thinking about. He has Corey Davis on his bench, so I was thinking of asking him to throw him in, especially because he's done nothing lately but has an easy schedule coming up. What do you guys think? I'm playing this guy this week so I'd like to wait until after we play to make the trade.

My current team - 
QB - Mahomes
WR - Hopkins
WR - M. Thomas
WR - Juju
RB - Kerryon
RB - Marlon Mack
TE - Ertz

Bench - 
WR - Ridley
WR - Geronimo
WR - Westbrook
WR - Sutton
RB - Collins
RB - Breida
RB - Clement

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Get it done. Im not crazy about the WRs you have on the bench though, besides Allison. He has provided the most steady numbers while Ridley had a couple outbursts he may not even come close to ROS.

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Hit the accept button if it's there with Mack injured again.  Barring that injury, I would ask him to throw in Davis. but still take it if he won't move. 

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