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Not sure if I'm panicking or if my team is just off to a rough start, but can I please have some advice on how to jumpstart my squad?


Lots of good FA options, 10 team league, 9 cats. 


Roster below:


PG: Damian Lillard, D'Angelo Russell

SG: Klay Thompson, Eric Gordon

SF: Paul George, Danny Green, Kyle Anderson

PF: Kevin Love, Montrezl Harrell, Mo Bamba

C: DeAndre Jordan, Steven Adams, Hassan Whiteside

IR: John Collins


Link your question to this thread and I'll do my best to help out!

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Who are your FA options?

Looks like a punt ast build. Team defintely just looks like it's just getting off to a rough start. D'angelo, Paul George, and Klay Thompson should all pick it up as the season progresses.

Overall your team looks solid. I'd keep an eye on Eric Gordon, Kyle Anderson, Mo Bamba and wouldn't hesitate to drop if someone hot is available on the WW.

Zach Collins (if he's available) seems like he'll have a higher floor than Mo Bamba this year-- If i'm debating between two players, I prefer having the players on a team with a winning record as they're likely to be more consistent.  You have Collins in IR so i'm guessing Harrell or Bamba's spot will be the drop  when he returns.

Kyle Anderson has been on the WW in my 10man league for a while so I believe it's safe to drop him for a hotter commodity with the chance of picking him up if he gets going.

We haven't seen enough of CP3, Harden, Melo together to see how Eric Gordon will be affected, but i suspect he'll see a dip in pts and 3s which is where his main value comes from.

Would love input if you could provide some in the thread below! Cheers


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