Replacement Needed -- FREE team in a pay league!

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I'll never understand how or why someone would pay $40 and suddenly vanish off the face of the earth, but here we are. We have 1 open team (Seattle Seahawks) in our 12-team, salary cap, dynasty, devy league. It's not the best team in the league, but has some players to build with. We have 11 other guys who are very responsive to trade offers, and it's easy to rebuild in our active offseason schedule. 


At the moment we need someone to step in immediately and take over the Seattle Seahawks (you can rename this franchise if you like). 
Below are links to the league format and details. PLEASE do not sign up if you're planning on bailing after the season. We'd like to keep as many owners from year to year as possible! Please respond below if you're interested. Thanks in advance. 



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34 minutes ago, Domt123 said:



You've been added! 

Please login ASAP and update your team info.

Be sure to review the league message board to catch up, as well as the Rule Book!
Any questions just let me know. 


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7 hours ago, Wilson27 said:

I’d love to join this league


Thanks for your interest.

We may have another opening soon -- another team failed to set their lineup this past week. :angry:

Will let you know if that owner has bailed, or if any other openings come up. 

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On 10/31/2018 at 1:00 AM, Wilson27 said:

I will keep my fingers crossed!


Seattle is available again! 
Domt123 didn't bother to set his lineup last week, so we're moving on in our search for an active owner. We still have lots of activity with this league, even in the offseason. If you're still interested, the Seattle team is open (again!)... let me know! 


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Share on other sites if a spot opens... sounds like a great league, I’m in a baseball salary league with minors and I’m hoping this is close to as hard

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