2018-19 Off-Season and Hot Stove Thread

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11 minutes ago, MrBrown said:

Yankees now shifting their focus of the offseason to Manny Machado.  Looking to get him on an 8-year deal.  Machado wants 10.  Around 8/260 is what I'd expect to be offered.


Maybe not shifting their focus, its a very busy offseason for the Yankees but they'd like to have Machado in a Yankee uniform by the start of Spring Training 2019.  I don't blame em!


id like them to trade for kluber,carrasco, degrom or scherzer more.  but if they do their due diligence and sign machado to 8 years im ok with that. 


i dont want a 12 or 13 year deal as some have suggested

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On 11/6/2018 at 7:58 PM, Low and Away said:

I don't think I have ever seen a team with so many bad contracts that are going to be hard to move. 


Hernandez 1 year at close to 28m

Cano 5 years at 140m 

Seager 4 years at 72m

Leake 3 years at 49m with a no trade contract

Segura 5 years at 75 m

Gordon 3 years at 41m. All are over 30 years old to mid 30s already

Two of the above have club options for the final year. The money listed is for the life of the contract. Hope I did this right as I am doing it in my head. But why would Mike Leake have a no trade clause? Till I was going through the roster I thought he was out of baseball.


No shortage of alternative facts here. While I agree the Mariners have a number of bad contracts, your game of guessing made it seem considerably worse than it is. Worst case scenarios:


Cano - 5 years, 120-million

Leake - 2 years, 36-million

Segura - 4 years, 58-million

Gordon - 2 years, 27.5-million


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