Javier Baez 2019 Outlook

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8 minutes ago, jb_power said:


That will require Javy to lay off 4 pitches out of the zone ... tough chore.


He’ll swing at the one strike thrown and crush it. 

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Plate discipline is mutli dimensional. 


Aggressiveness, Pitch Recognition, Strike Zone Recognition and how those abilities co-enside with Barrel control, 2 strike approach, swing path, hand to eye.


Freddie Freeman is a very aggressive hitter. He's just such gifted hitter with a great eye he gets away with like no other baseball can. Didi Gregious has A+ Barrel Control and Pitch Recognition. He just really has no clue where the strike zone is.


My feeling on Baez is he is the type that HAS to be aggressive because how he struggles at pitch and strike zone recognition. He needs to avoid 2 strike counts and the best way sometimes is making sure the AB doesn't even get deep enough for that. Its soo backwards to modern thinking, but when you have someone with so much natural ability but poor eye. Its really the best way.  


The problem I have with the Schoop/Odor comps is Baez has legit all fields power. Schoop just does not. He has 3 career Oppo tacos and Baez 8 just last year. While Odor is so pull/FB happy in comparison to Baez.  His BABIP ranges a ton higher than Odor and higher than Schoops due more to natural talent despite similar approaches.


So when I think danger/bad year, thinking more .250+. Not .230 or .200.

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