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STL Catcher, 23 yrs old 6'1 200 lbs. R/R. If you read nothing further, just know that all Knizner does is hit and hit very well. So far the "rankings" list across many sites don't give Knizner much respect. He is now ranked 5th in STL top 30 (Milb Pipeline source). He is not ranked in MLB Pipeline's top 10 catchers or its top 100 list.  So lets look at what he has done the past few years, and why I feel hes not getting his proper respect.  Drafted in 2016 in the 7th round.  Has 185 at-bats in rookie ball and bats .319/.492/.915. Shows some pop with 6 HR out the gate. Next season in 2017 he is promoted to Full A and again shows some pop and hits 8Hr across 179 at-bats before being promoted to AA. At AA he bats .324/.462/.833 over 182 at-bats. This season he starts in AA and is promoted to AAA after hitting .313 in AA. Small sample size of AAA numbers but again he hits over .300 batting .313 over 54 at-bats. So we have a C who hits over .300 at every level hes been tested at with some signs of being able to be a 20-25 MLB HR catcher who could hit .280+ imo. Also he has several Milb awards including a 2018 Futures Game Selection. 


Their is no catcher on MLB Pipeline's top 10 C who is a career milb .300 hitter except Knizner. Yes i know im picking on MLB Pipelines site/ rankings.  

- We have a June 4th 2018 article from St.Louis Post-Dispatch titled "Heir Apparent to Yadi?" about Knizner.

- Another article same site Aug 13th 2018 titled "Yadi's Successor:Kelly or Knizner?"

- July 2018 article titled "St.Louis Cardinals: Andrew Knizner is making Carson Kelly irrelevant"

I could go on and on with articles. I also am reading rumblings of STL trading Knizner maybe to ATL who needs a long term solution at C. 

Bottom line I feel the kid needs to be higher in all sites rankings and if you can grab him...DO IT!

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Nice. I didn't even realize he didn't have his own thread. I've rostered him for over 2 years in one of my leagues.

My anecdotal evidence for why I think he's a top-150, maybe top-100, prospect is that he seems to have a plus hit tool for a catcher (base hits + great plate discipline) with power potential (25 homers in just under 1000 minor-league ABs). I also recall reading multiple articles indicating he's an average to above-average defender; his caught-stealing rate has declined as he advances, indicating his arm may be capable but he has to make up for it through pop time and/or footwork. His bat is as consistent as prospect catchers get - way more consistent than Carson Kelly. But Kelly is the better defender by most accounts.

Offensively, I feel like he's the realization of what Keibert Ruiz could do with a touch less power. But I'd rather bet that Knizner hits more consistently.

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Incredible hitter. If the power (which isn't horrible) develops a bit more, he could be a beast at C. A total hitting machine. Called up from AA to AAA last year after hitting .313, and hit .315 in AAA. I think his bat is ready to play, but I don't see a spot. If I was another GM I'd pounce all over this kid, though I suspect St.L knows the goods when they see the goods, and AK is the goods. 

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