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Orphaned money league with Super Smash Bros theme needs committed owners

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this league is looking for committed owners ready to play in 2019 and beyond. this season's results don't matter; just take a look at the open teams and pick one you want. 

starting in 2019 and every subsequent season, the league fee will be $20 paid through leaguesafe

the theme of the league is Super Smash Brothers, the video game series. it would be recommended if you knew what that was, and can pick a character from the series. for instance, I've picked Solid Snake. 


this league has large rosters, superflex, IDP, and a solid scoring template. but a league is only as good as it's committed owners. let's make it great!

if you can't join through the link or have any questions, email me

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On 11/9/2018 at 4:07 AM, Sandman2755 said:

I'll take team 9, but it says I need an invite.

not sure if the team you want is still left, or if you joined. there are two left! 

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