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Looking for 2 Owners! ESPN 12-Team H2H Points

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Looking for 2 Owners!

ESPN Free 12-Team Head-to-Head Points League: We're looking for two new owners after a few bungholes didn't live up (one left 2 picks into draft and auto-drafted, the other inexplicably quit and tried dropping their entire team three weeks into the year.. it happens I guess?).

They're strong teams, one of which is incredibly strong at forward but weak at goalie due to the auto-draft, so I'd suggest spot-starting or trading forwards for goalies. The other is all-around strong. The rest is the league is highly active so it's a shame to have two open teams in our league this year. League has been around for 4-5 years or something and has serious, knowledgeable players. We're competitive and fun.

Here's our yearly finely-tuned scoring:

And now the abandoned teams:

Forward-heavy, Auto-drafted team:

All-around strong team where guy tried to drop team:

I know adopting a team this late into the season isn't ideal.. but we need your help! I'm controlling 3 teams right now and it's driving me bonkers..! haha

Reply to this post, e-mail me at or send me a private message with your e-mail if you want either of the teams and I'll send an invite.. or if for some reason you can't see the league through the links—I have it set to public so it should be cool.

Join up and bring the pain! Mutant League needs YOU!

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