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Rotoworld Dynasty Football League

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Another season has wrapped up. Congratulations to Dublin Seahawks for winning the championship. Here is the final standings with total points scored being used to break any ties of teams with identical W-L records and the team with the higher point total finishing higher in the standings. The inverse order of the standings represents the draft order for our rookie and Free Agent drafts. Murderer's Row has the #1 pick!

1 Dublin Seahawks

2 Zipper Fairies

3 Angry Roosters

4 Prime Time

5 Calvin's Garcons

6 Vinegar Strokes

7 Spork

8 Hashish Marks

9 Flyin' Elvis

10 Bayonne Hitmen

11 Mak Diesels V2.0

12 Tackledummies

13 Brett's Hitmen

14 Murderer's Row

I hope to see every owner back next season because you are a great group of guys!

Commish Wayne

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Rosters have all been entered. Because we eliminated D/ST ( based on a league majority vote) from our rosters and replaced it with a Bench spot, some of you will notice some odd IDP players on your roster. I had to enter 23 players for every roster, so in some cases I had to fill in with IDP players. You can drop them when you make your draft picks.

Mak Diesels V2.0 you had too many players on your roster, so I left Brian Cushing off your roster. You can pick him up and drop another player if you want him back.

No players can be added to your roster from the Free Agent pool at this time. We need to complete our two round rookie draft and one round Free Agent draft first.

If you want to start talking trades, go right ahead because all the rosters are entered

Based on some comments from league members regarding planned vacations in late July, we will start our Rookie Draft on August 1st.

Here is the rookie draft order with all of the trades from last season applied. Let me know if I've missed anything or if you disagree with the order.

Round One

1.1 Murderer's Row

1.2 Brett's Hitmen

1.3 Tackledummies

1.4 Mak Diesels V2.0

1.5 Bayonne Hitmen

1.6 Flyin' Elvis

1.7 Hashish Marks

1.8 Spork

1.9 Vinegar Strokes

1.10 Calvin's Garcons

1.11 Tackledummies (Acquired from PrimeTime)

1.12 Angry Roosters

1.13 Zipper Fairies

1.14 Dublin Seahawks

Round Two

2.1 Murderer's Row

2.2 Calvin's Garcons (Acquired from Brett's Hitmen)

2.3 Tackledummies

2.4 Mak Diesels V2.0

2.5 Bayonne Hitmen

2.6 Flyin' Elvis

2.7 Hashish Marks

2.8 Spork

2.9 Vinegar Strokes

2.10 Calvin's Garcons

2.11 Tackledummies (Acquired from Prime Time)

2.12 Brett's Hitmen(Acquired from Angry Roosters)

2.13 Zipper Fairies

2.14 Dublin Seahawks

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