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Overpay for Drummond? WHIR

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12 team 9 cat h2h

punt ft%, 3's, t/o


I have the depth and Drummond fits nicely I believe hes a top 3 or 5 player overall in my build but still feels like its a bit of an overpay or a push statistically speaking. rank wise getting a top 5 player for a two 3rd rders (lma and harrells peak value last year and this year) is a no brainer but my team is doing well (surprisingly with the slow starts and inj) with 5 good centers and maybe I shouldnt mess with it 


give Harrell and LMA

get Drummond

(have tried every other possible combination of Harrell and wiggins/parker/brog or lma and wiggins/parker/brog and no luck)


my team

pg simmons, westbrook, Rubio, brogdon, joseph/stream

sg k Anderson wiggins

sf j parker

pf/c capela, adams, lma, nurk, harrell

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Hmmmm, I think I wouldn’t mess with it for now since you’re doing well. Usually it’s a no brainer like you said, but since it’s a 12 teamer, I’m assuming the wire is very thin and you’ve already  got a streamer in Joseph. Another thing to consider is how markannen will affect Jabari, so that’s another potential issue in the future. 


Also, do you guys have an acquisition limit? Cuz that’s another factor into everything as well. Hope this helps and lmk if you need more insight into it and I’ll try to help

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I’d agree with post above

getting Drummond is by far a stud, however how is the wire?

harrrell seems legit and LMA will consistently produce 

in 10 teamer id do that but in a 12 I know the wire can be barren

im kinda leaning on staying put since you already are using Joseph as a streamer 

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I would do that for Drummond but don't think it's a surefire win since I think LMA will rebound and Harrell may fall off a bit but should continue to produce.



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