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Start both Z Jones and Pettis? whir

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I feel pretty strong about benching Gus but I just have a hunch Ware is gonna be a dud too. Should I play both WRs and sit the RBs? According to projections and I am favored in the matchup slightly over my opponent if that makes a difference. PPR


My team:

QB- Cam

RB- Kamara


WR- Diggs

WR- Gordon

TE- Gronk

Flex- Z Jones?

Flex- Pettis?


K- Lutz



Gus, Ware, Matt Ryan, Conley, Conner




QB- Brees

RB- D Lewis

RB- Carson

WR- Thielen

WR- Lockett

Flex- Humphries

Flex- G Tate

TE- Ebron

D- Wash

K- Zuerlein

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I trust the RBs to have a better floor. 


Pettis could blow up again, however Goodwin is back so hard to say.


Are any of these late games? If so, is slot in the RBs and if you need to make up ground chance it and switch to a WR. 

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I’m starting those exact rbs as well.


both those WRs could go off but they’re both iffy, on bad teams with low floors.  


Gus will get 15-20 carries and ware will too.  It looks like points are more important to you than upside.  If you feel strongly about those rbs bombing, I’d split it up and probably go Gus and Zay.


Answer mine:


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