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Fellas, I'm looking at starting up a new league. It will be run over fantrax, payments made into fantrax treasury. $125/team, 20 teams. MLB and MiLB rosters. I run a similar league right now and it is by far, the most fun league that I am in. When I first started in the other league, I thought it may be a bit much HOWEVER it is quite simple. Basically run like a real MLB team. Allows for tons of trading and lots of player movement as well as the ability to test your skills by managing your salary cap. If you are interested, please let me know by email @   nskrbec@hotmail.com. If I get enough interest, I'll fire up the league and get things rolling. It will be a ton of work for me to set up so want to see if anybody has interest before I fire it up. Here is the constitution that I fired up. 


  1. League Setup

    1. We are a DYNASTY SALARY CAP STRUCTURE fantasy baseball league starting new in 2018.  Twenty teams compete for eight playoff spots every season. The annual league fee is $125 (plus (estimated) $4.15 for Fantrax fees) (plus $0.50 for couchmanagers auction fee - where we hold our yearly drafts) for a $2500 pot. This league was created to test your ability to build, manage, and win with a team you construct as a general manager. It is meant to replicate an actual MLB team as best as possible and also meant for a smart owner to easily turn a basement dwelling team back into a contender the next year.

  2. Salary Cap

    1. The salary cap is set at $260. This cap includes the combined salary of your active 25 man roster, disabled list, and cap hits from current and previous seasons (cap hits: see XI). Minor league players will not count towards the salary cap unless they have been promoted during their time in the league.

    2. It is each owner's responsibility to monitor their current salary.  Going over the salary cap will result in an illegal roster and your team accumulating zero points during that series. No exceptions! The commissioner is available to help out teams that may have any issues IF you email or text me PRIOR to the start of each period with any issue(s).

    3. A document will be kept by the commissioner with rosters, contract lengths, cap hits, and minor league information for each team. This document is not meant to replace an owner’s personal bookkeeping, but it is meant to help facilitate easier trade negotiations and ensure each team is operating under the salary cap. The commissioner does NOT get paid for this service. They will do their best to keep things running as smooth as possible however if you notice an issue, please work together as a team and bring it up versus making issues and disrupting the league.

  3. Rosters

    1. Each roster includes 25 MLB players, 15 MiLB players, and 10 disabled list slots. Every MLB slot must be filled at the conclusion of the auction and from Opening Day to the end of the season season.

    2. MLB

      1. Catcher

      2. 1st Base

      3. 2nd Base

      4. 3rd Base

      5. Shortstop

      6. Left Field

      7. Center Field

      8. Right Field

      9. 2 - Utility (any batter)

      10. 5 - Starting Pitchers

      11. 5 - Relief Pitchers

      12. 5 - Bench (any position)

    3. MiLB

      1. 15 - Any Position

    4. Disabled List

      1. Each team has ten disabled list (DL) slots available beginning one week before opening day.  A player may only be placed on the DL if his MLB club places him on the list. Once the MLB team has removed a player from the DL, the owner has until the beginning of the next series to remove the player from the DL, make a trade involving the player, or release the player to avoid an illegal roster.  

  4. Scoring

    1. Each week features two series; one from Monday to Thursday and one from Friday to Sunday. Four games are played concurrently during each series for a total of 168 games per team each season.  The scoring breakdown goes as follows:

    2. Hitters

      1. Total Bases = 1.1

      2. Run Scored = 1

      3. Run Batted In = 1.1

      4. Walk = 1

      5. Hit By Pitch = 1

      6. Stolen Base = 2

      7. Strikeout = -0.75

      8. Ground into Double Play = -1

      9. Caught Stealing = -0.75

      10. Error = -1

    3. Pitchers

      1. Inning Pitched = 2.75

      2. Win = 2

      3. Quality Start = 2

      4. Save = 3

      5. Hold = 2

      6. Strikeout = 1

      7. Pickoff = 1

      8. Hit allowed = -1

      9. Earned Run = -1.5

      10. Loss = -2

      11. Blown Save = -2

      12. Walk issued = -1

      13. Hit batter = -1


  1. Playoffs

    1. The playoffs will consist of 8 teams and 4 rounds lasting one week each.  The top 8 teams in the final standings will qualify for the playoffs. Round 1 will feature 5 vs 8 and 6 vs 7.  Round 2 will feature 3 vs lowest seed and 4 vs highest seed. Round 3 will feature the 1 vs lowest seed and 2 vs highest seed.  The final round will feature the championship between the two semi-final winners and a 3rd place game between the two semi-final losers.

    2. Seeding Tiebreakers

      1. Total points scored

      2. Head to head record

      3. Total wins

  2. Trades

    1. The trade deadline is at the conclusion of Series 34.  After 11:59pm ET on TBD, no more trades will be allowed until the offseason period begins on December 1.  The eligible parts of a trade are MLB players, MiLB players, MiLB draft picks, and salary cap. You can trade draft picks and salary cap up to two years in advance

      1. Example: In 2019, only draft picks and salary from 2019-2021 are legal trade components.

    2. Each trade does not need to pass a league vote but is subject to review.  In the event of collusion, the concerned party should alert the entire league via email and include their reasoning. The owners involved will have an opportunity to defend the validity of the trade before a league vote. The penalty, up to expulsion, will be determined by the commissioner and two owners not involved in the collusion charge who participated in the previous offseason committee.

    3. Every trade must post salary components in a forum post in the trades thread .

    4. Players traded in the off-season must be under contract the following year (or if before the auction draft and after posting of contracts, owner must have submitted an extension to be eligible to be traded)

    5. If any team wishes to trade more than 12.5% of future cap ($32.50) they will need to make arrangements with the league to pay for the future season to assure teams are not just playing for one season..

    6. Commissioner processes trades twice per week, on the same day free agents are processed. Commissioner has enough on their plate trying to keep everything updated to jump at anybody’s request however will accommodate as best as possible. Example - if both owners and commish are online and agree to have trade processed commish MAY do so. The processing of trades at set days are meant to assure no invalid rosters occur from last minute processing of trades AND to keep the commish semi-sane.

  3. Releasing Players

    1. Players are placed on waivers for 24 hours after their release.

      1. There is no need to post the drop in a forum post.  All transactions appear on the transaction history page on Fantrax.

      2. If the player goes unclaimed after 24 hours then the original owner will be responsible for 50% of the contract for the current season, 25% for the following season, and 10% for each subsequent year, and the player will enter free agency.  

      3. If the player is claimed, the new owner takes over the remainder of the contract, including the current season and the previous owner is NOT responsible for that players salary.  Players are claimed by posting in the league message board with the player info(ex: CLAIM: John Doe, 1B, Expos, 6-35). If another team replies to the post within 24 hours of the drop, bidding will take place on Fantrax as described in Section VIII with a few changes;

        1. Only teams who posted a claim are eligible to bid.

        2. Bidding begins at the auction purchase price and increases by at least $1.

        3. The winning team acquires the player at contract price.

          1. Example: John Doe is cut in year 3 of a 6-35 deal.  Bidding begins at $35. If Doe is awarded at $37, then the winning team would inherit a 6-37 contract and be charged $42.74 for year 3)

  4. Free Agents

    1. MLB

      1. Free agents are awarded to the highest bidder on a one year contract at the winning price at 7am ET on Sunday and Thursday.  The minimum free agent bid is $0.50 and all bids must be $X.50 or $X.00. All pending bids are private.

      2. The commissioner has access to a failed claim sheet and will void an acquisition and reverse any accompanying drop if two teams submitted an equal bid for the same player. In this case, only the teams that tied for the player will have the chance to submit another bid of at least the tying price.

    2. MiLB (less than 130 career MLB at-bats/less than 50 career MLB innings pitched)

      1. Each team begins every season with 10 MiLB claims.  Players are awarded to a team on a two year, $1 contract at 7am ET on the first Sunday of every month. Claims can be placed after the Sunday MLB claims process two days prior to the first Tuesday of each month.

        1. You must submit a $1 claim to be awarded a minor leaguer.

        2. If multiple teams submit a $1 claim, the team that finished worse in the final standings from the previous season will be awarded the player.

        3. No MiLB claims between Nov 15 and Ap 15.

        4. No player is eligible to be signed if they have not formally signed with a MLB team

        5. Each year will start with up to a 10 round MiLB claim draft. Teams will be awarded players in inverse order of the previous years standings. This will not be a “snake” draft.

    3. Note: I had to enter a free agent acquisition budget for Fantrax, but you will be using your team salary cap to purchase players.  Your roster will be illegal if you fail to clear the necessary salary to offset a free agent claim before rosters lock for the series.

    4. MiLB Claims are not allowed until April 15 of each year. The first set up MiLB claims will be handled like a draft awarded to teams in inverse order of their previous years standing.

  5. MLB Auction

    1. Each February we hold an auction on couchmanagers.com to fill out our MLB rosters.  The draft is a slow auction where a player is won once the highest bid stands for 24 hours and begins the Monday following the Super Bowl.  

    2. Bids begin at $1 and increase by a minimum of $1.

    3. Only unowned players with at least 130 at bats or 50 innings pitched are eligible for the annual auction.

  6. MiLB Draft

    1. The initial MiLB draft will include a 15 round snake draft that will occur AFTER the initial MLB draft. The draft order for MiLB draft will be done online via randomizer.

    2. Each subsequent season includes a three round non-snaking MiLB draft beginning during the All-Star break. The draft order is the inverse standings from the current season. Owners are not required to select players if their MiLB roster is full.  However, if a team with a full MiLB roster selects a player, they have 24 hours to make an appropriate roster move to make room for the new selection. Only players selected in the most recent MLB First Year Amateur Draft are eligible each season.  Owners have 24 hours to make their selection in the first round, 12 hours in the second round, and 8 hours in the third round.

    3. Note: Teams have the ability to add other minor leaguers to their roster through free agency (see Section VII.B).


  1. MiLB Claim Draft

    1. Each season starts with a MiLB Claims “draft” on April 15th (this draft will not occur during the initial season)..

    2. As each team has 10 MiLB claims per year, this draft can be no more than 10 rounds

    3. This draft will NOT be a snake draft

    4. Each owner will submit their claims in order of preference. $1.00 for their top claim, $0.99 for their second ranked claim, $0.98 for their third ranked claim etc etc. Commish will review claims and will go through each teams rankings and distribute players accordingly. Please note that fanxtrax may initially award you a player that is not your initially but this will be worked out within a few days at commish’s earliest convenience. As each team has only 10 MiLB claims, this will not be more than a 10 round “draft”


  1. Contracts

    1. MLB

      1. Players acquired in the free agent auction must be signed to a contract. Each owner has 48 hours after completion of the auction to submit their contract lengths or every player will be signed to a one year deal.  A document containing contract lengths for every team will be sent out for reference.

        1. Contract lengths can be anywhere from 1-10 seasons. For multi-year contracts the increase in salary will reflect the percentage increases that follow:

          1. Year 1 - Auction Price

          2. Year 2 - Auction Price + 5%

          3. Year 3 - Year 2 price + 10%

          4. Year 4 - Year 3 price + 15%

          5. Year 5 - Year 4 price + 20%

          6. Each additional year will include a 20% increase from the previous season.

      2. Players acquired through free agency will be signed to a one year deal for the price of the winning bid.

      3. Expiring Contracts (see Fair Value in Appendix A)

        1. Teams have the option to re-sign expiring contracts for one year at 120% of fair value or a 30% increase from the previous season, whichever is higher.

          1. No limit to number of extensions a team can sign each year.

          2. Free agent acquisitions will be ineligible and reenter the auction pool next year.

    2. MiLB

      1. Players drafted in the prospect draft will receive a 4 year contract at $1 per year.  The salary does not increase from season to season. The contract does not start until the player has either been promoted from your MiLB to your MLB roster OR they have reached the AB/IP limit..

      2. Players acquired through free agency will receive a 2 year contract at $1 per year.  The salary does not increase from season to season.

      3. Expiring Contracts (see Fair Value in Appendix A)

        1. Players are eligible for up to 3 years of optional arbitration after their rookie contract expires. Year 1 is 35% of fair value. Year 2 is 60% of fair value. Year 3 is 85% of fair value.  The player becomes eligible for MLB extensions after 3 years of arbitration. (See explanation of fair value at bottom)

          1. Owner can opt out after any season.

          2. Fair value is recalculated every year.


  1. Dues & Payouts

    1. Fantrax Fees

      1. 20 teams @ $4 = $80 (estimated)

    2. In

      1. 20 teams $ $125 = $2500

    3. Out

      1. 1st Place: $800.00

      2. 2nd Place: $500.00

      3. 3rd Place: $300.00

      4. 4th Place: $200.00

      5. 4th Place: $100.00

      6. Regular Season 1-8: $75.00*8 = $600.00


  1. League Calendar *** For Future seasons. The initial MLB Auction Draft (run over courchmanagers) AND MiLB (slow snake draft run over league forum/message board) draft will take place on a date that owners agree upon. The MLB Auction Draft will take place first followed by the MiLB Draft. Order of the MiLB Draft will be generated/randomized by commissioner on randomizer.org.

    1. December 1 - January 31

      1. Preseason period

        1. Only trades and drops are permitted.

    2. January 29, 2018 - Contracts/extensions are due by 10 pm ET on (one week before the Free Agent Auction Draft)

    3. February 1 - February 28

      1. Free Agent Auction begins at 7am ET on February 5, 2018 (Starts the Monday after the superbowl)

        1. Contract lengths are due 48 hours after the conclusion of the auction.

        2. All league activity is suspended until March 1st.

    4. March 1 - October 4

      1. All league activity is available. Free agent bidding, trades, cuts, MiLB promotions and demotions, along with all other league activity is allowed.

      2. MiLB draft will begin during the All-Star break.

    5. October 5 - November 30

      1. Offseason period

        1. All league activity is suspended.  This time will be used to find replacement owners, hold the offseason committee, and update Fantrax and the league spreadsheet for the upcoming season.


Appendix A

Fair Market Value


The goal of fair value is to allow owners to retain talent for team identity without providing a system that keeps a large number of players out of the auction.


FV = (Points scored/Top point scorer at position)(Average of 3 highest salaries at position)

+10% if eligible at multiple positions

Use position with most games played in previous season


Examples after 2017 season:

Chris Sale SP = (575.55/575.55)($41.95) = $41.95

Manny Machado 3B = (391/521)($26.25) = $19.71

Marwin Gonzalez LF/1B/2B/3B = (351/449)($23.10) + 10% = $19.87


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