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Need owners for Fantrax Dynasty league

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The league is 8cat H2H. It is free on Fantrax. We are still drafting over this week (either multiple 2 round live drafts or a slow draft from here out). Three rounds done. Multiple owners already doing nothing for almost a week. Post your email if you would be interested in joining. Rosters are 16, keep 11. Teams that might be replaced current rosters are:

1) Durant,Murray,DeRozan

2) Lowry,J. Collins,Jokic

3) Lillard, Walker, Conley

4) Harden, M. Turner, Griffin

5) Lebron, Vucevic, McCollum

6) Paul,Wall, Kanter

7) Jrue H.,Kawhi, T. Harris

8) Drummond,Love, J. Richardson

9) Steph Curry, Aldridge, A. Gordon

Some of these owners might become active with a reminder, but right now none of them has been on since joining 5 or 6 days ago.

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I sent cjenvy an invitation for team 2. Some of the owners became active again so only 1,4,6,8,9 are still inactive. We are now about 11/16 rounds into the draft (slow draft) with scoring starting this coming week. Some of the teams are better than others, but none are too terrible since it is a new league. There are 20 teams total.

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