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1987 Topps League (30 team dynasty style)

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Before you read any further, the title says "30 team dynasty style", but you should know that there are only 26 teams.  I use that description because nearly everything about this league is like a 30 team league where you start with the real life rosters.  I'll explain below why there are only 26 teams in this league.


The 1987 Topps league is an homage to the baseball card set that introduced me to the greatest game on  This league will operate in the fashion of a 30 team, start with real life rosters league, but the teams and divisional alignment will reflect baseball as it existed in 1987.  The Rockies, Marlins, Rays and DBacks do not exist and the Nationals are still the Expos.  How is that going to work?  Well, each team owner starts with the real life roster of the team they choose (as it was on the day after the real life 2018 World Series...all players that were free agents and have signed so far are still free agents in this league and all off-season trades are void).  The owner that chooses the Expos gets the Nationals roster and the four expansion teams players will be distributed in a draft.


The league will be run on Fantrax and Proboards.  Entry is $20 with all proceeds after the fantrax fee distributed to playoff teams / league champ.  A complete league constitution and the draft order for distributing the Rockies, Marlins, DBacks and Rays are posted on the boards.  I suggest reviewing these in detail before signing up.


To join, sign up for the proboards site and reply to the signup thread with your team selection:


This is a league I've been planning for 3 plus years and I'm very passionate about it.  I hope you will consider joining.

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Could you email me at, re-include the link for open teams as reference, and let me know if it'd be possible to co-own my team with a friend?




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